Top 10 New Free Android Apps to Download This Week


A list of the new free android apps you shouldn’t miss this week.

We are about to show you the best android apps of the week to install and love your device more. We have some of the best Android apps you can download for free to help you get the best out of your device.

Time to check out Top 10 New Free Android Apps :

SlingPlayer for Phone (FREE)

8.2Turn your Android phone or tablet into a TV with Slingbox and SlingPlayer free. With a Slingbox ( at home and Sling media player on your Android, you can view your favorite channels and TV programs in the comfort of anywhere. The Slingbox is the part that connects television service whether you have cable, satellite or local antenna. Take control of your TV and DVR from your mobile device.

For tablet devices, download the optimized veriosn of SlingPlayer app for Tablet (FREE)


HBO NOW android movie watching app

7.2HBO Now is a streaming service that allows you to access all its content without hiring the channel through a pay TV service. You can follow your favorite series from the small screen. As you can already imagine, will not be a free service, as releases go straight in parallel with what is shown on television. But new users get 30 days free of charge before paying the monthly fee of $ 14.95.

Booking Now (FREE)

8.0The leading website brings a new application for Android devices that will be much easier and comfortable to make those last minute bookings where you need a room for today or for tomorrow. Booking always shows the best choice based on more than 44 million genuine customer reviews from over 640,000 hotels and apartments.

WifiMapper – Free Wifi Map (FREE)

7.8The application allows you to recognize all Wi-Fi hotspots around you. WifiMapper is a good application for all users, especially for those who are traveling and want to find a wifi access point close to connect and catch up on their business without using their data rates. You can also enjoy this convenient software that allows you to see on your map all free WiFi points close to your location.

DogVacay (FREE)

8.4DogVacay is an application that will be helpful if you want to go on vacation and do not want to leave your pet in the wrong hands. It allows you to find a foster home for your pet during the day you’re traveling. Your pet will be in a family that will take you out for a walk, will give the necessary pampering and you will be able to play.

Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile (FREE)

8.3Microsoft Hyperlapse Mobile lets you create the best Timelapses from your Android. It creates smooth and stabilized time lapses from first-person videos. Just open the application to create a hyperlase from an existing video or start recording a hyperlapse from the camera of your device.

HeadTrainer (FREE)

7.8HeadTrainer is endorsed by professional athletes and the exercises are designed to correspond as much as possible situations of “real life” in sports. The application aims to train athletes in five specific areas: focus / concentration, visual / spatial awareness, decision making, memory and processing speed.

Hope you will these top new android apps from last week. Also don’t forget to browse our Android Apps of the week series.