Top New Android Games Weekly – Free Download


Weekend is here and we are about to let you download the top new Android Games of the week.

Lately the number of android games titles that have launched on the playstore at a peak level. Not only that but also developers have launched new updates for the existing ones, improving many aspects in regards to gameplay and more.

let’s take a look at some of the very best games available from the last week:

Top Speed: Drag & Fast Racing (FREE)

8.8Top Speed: Fast & Drag Racing is a racing game in which your goal is to beat your opponents in drag battles. To do so, you must hit the point of the upshift in order to overcome them. Reach insane speeds and use your nitro with extreme accuracy to beat your opponents on city streets. Defeat over 20 different criminal bosses and become the star of the street. You will have at your disposal more than 69 cars for this. In addition, you can customize your vehicle with dozens of tuning and modification options.

Mountain Goat (FREE)

8.3Mountain Goat Mountain is a fast arcade game where the goal is to lead a goat to reach the top of the mountain while dodging objects of all kinds. The game is quite fun and follows a formula very similar to Crossy Road. In this game, the skill and logic should be well tuned when moving and know how to handle the movement of different traps.

Wakfu Raiders (FREE)

7.5Wakfu Raiders is the version for mobile devices of popular MMORPG for PC “Wakfu”. Described as an action RPG, the game will use a combat system in real time combos and special skills. Its aim is to explore the world of Twelve to solve strange events that are affecting the Etatim Dimension. It provides more than 30 playable characters from Wakfu universe, competitive tournaments and Arenas PvP (player versus player). This game can be played online or offline.

Stupid Zombies 3 (FREE)

8.6This is the third part of the franchise Stupid Zombie and this is a game of action and puzzle. The objective in each stage is to kill all the zombies. However, to really do this, you have to plan well your shots carefully because you only have a few opportunities. Do you think you can get it? The game provides more than 100 challenging levels in three unique environments.

Forsaken World Mobile MMORPG (FREE)

8.4Forsaken World Mobile MMORPG is a mobile version of the popular game released for laptops a few years ago. Adventures are very similar to the PC version, you need to create a character with one of the five available classes, and battle in a fantasy world full of enemies. The game uses the same graphics engine used to develop the PC version, meaning players can take advantage of such a beautiful game as the other version.

Deadlock: Online (FREE)

Deadlock - new android games

7.5In Deadlock: Online you will find environments full of challenges to overcome. Here, you should prove to be very good sights and have no pity for your enemies. If you do not kill all, they may end up with you. You can also play the game offline.

Nom Cat (FREE)

8.3Nom Cat is an extremely challenging game that puts you to play incredible challenges with the help of two kittens. Its main mission is to feed them, but for that, you should divert the little pussies of powerful bombs that can destroy them. Be quick and feed the cats with all the fish available in the scenario. If a fish is out, it’s game over.

Folks, we highly expect to hear comments from you. inspired us with your thoughts. Let us bring you top free android games every week. Enjoy Top 10 New Android Games !