7 New Free Android Games On The Play Store from last week


Play these 7 new free android games chosen from last week’s releases.

Here are some of the high-quality android games recently arrives on google play store. Have some fun in your leisure time during workdays. We’ve listed a few action titles and some casual games for android.

List of the free new games on playstore.

KingsRoad (FREE)

8.3Kingsroad is an RPG game for Android with isometric view and very traditional style. In this game, you’ll have to create your own hero by choosing between three different classes (warrior, mage or ranger), and tour the King’s Road in search of adventures, treasures and enemies to kill. Along the way you will face lots of different enemies, rescuing people in distress, and collect treasures.

Tiny Empire (FREE)

8.4Tiny Empire is a fantasy-themed puzzle shooter game. You’ll have to destroy all enemies by throwing cannonballs. Embark on an epic medieval journey that takes you from the prairies to the ruins of the forgotten empire of the desert, by taking on increasingly strong enemies under the leadership of your beloved king.

Walking War Robots (FREE)

8.5Walking War Robots is an online action game with giant robots. You’ll have to master areas of the map and defeat the enemy team in a strategic way. Cooperation and teamwork will ensure your success in gambling. The Walking War Robots offers 13 different giant robots, more than 15 types of weapons, as well as many options for you to customize the robot.

Pokémon Shuffle Mobile (FREE)

8.3The Pokemon Company has released Pokémon Mobile Shuffle on the Google Play. Pokémon Shuffle is a free-to-play puzzle, in the style of famous match 3, which allows even more fans of the Pokémon to have fun with puzzles that made huge success on Nintendo DS. You need to line up three or more Pokémon vertically or horizontally to battle against wild Pokémon.

Cliffy Jump (FREE)

8.1Cliffy Jump is an arcade platformer in which players control a small animal that must move through a maze full speed while dodging dangerous obstacles. Of course, it will be you who will have to help the animal to avoid all the traps. It is fun and frantic and enables you to spend entertaining time any time. Visually, the game is also very nice.

SkillShot (FREE)

8.0Skillshot is a very interesting little game for those who want a casual challenge and at the same time more difficult than it sounds. In it, you need to tap on the screen to bounce a ball following some strict rules. Show your skill and beat your friends.

RPG Asdivine Dios (FREE)

8.5RPG Asdivine Dios is a role-playing game for android in which your goal is to help divine to save the world from destruction by evil forces. Help the creator of this world in the fight. Collect a detachment of powerful spirits and brave heroes.

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