Top 10 Games for Android FREE (New Android Games This Week)


Weekly Andorid games round up for best free android games of the week.

This week’s Top 10 Games for Android list includes some of the best free games you can get right now on your android device, including  highly anticipated releases. We have some highly addictive puzzle titles and few action games that you are sure to enjoy.

Here they are to enjoy to the fullest extent:


Download RoboCop (Free)
Robocop is an action and third person shooter game, inspired by the movie, in which your mission is to explore the darkest streets in search of dangerous criminals and gangsters. The plot of Robocop Android game is set in the year 2028 in the city of Detroit, in the United States. The protagonist Alex Murphy, a good father and good cop, is injured in service and is between life and death. Right now, the multinational corporation OmniCorp sees the opportunity to create a cop who is half human and half robot.

Cat Basket

Download Cat Basket (Free)
Cat Basket Android is an endless cute and crazy fun game. In this fun game your mission is to catch as many cats as you can in your basket. Tilt the phone left and right to catch the cats and hold your finger on the screen to turn the titular container around to block dogs.

Small Fry

Download Small Fry (Free)
Small Fry for Android is a fun game in the genre of endless runner featuring a little fish. In this game your goal is to escape and avoid the obstacles to reach as far as possible. Swim to dodge the marine creatures, jump between bubbles and float through space to avoid being gobbled up by sharks Wallace “Big Mack” Mackemzie. To control your fish in water you just have to touch the screen to dive, hold to swim upward, and to give control in space taps to float.

Galaxy Factions
Download Galaxy Factions (Free)
Galaxy Factions is an exciting real time strategy based action game for your Android powered device, in which you have to build your own space fortress using available resources that you already have and gathered by looting others. Turn your simple space station into a massive fortress recruit special Heroes with unique abilities. The ultimate goal is to build your defense stronger than others and destroy your enemies.

Tank Riders 2

Download Tank Riders 2 (Free)
Tank Riders 2 is the continuation of arcade tank battles from the studio Pollarbit. Tank Riders 2 comes with 50 levels set in six areas, including the Arctic, desert and caves, where your will have to eliminate different enemy tanks in each level using your own tank. You have to use the best strategy to overcome each of the missions. The game has support for controllers Moga, Nvidia Shield and Xperia Play.

Race Stunt Fight 3! is the third installment of the best selling RSF motorcycle game inspired by the classic Road Rash, which beat the opponents is as important as reaching the end of the race in the first place! Your goal is to come to the finish line first by any means. You have a huge arsenal of weapons from clubs to firearms at your disposal. The game offers three-dimensional, high-quality graphics pleasant control and dynamic gameplay.

Race Stunt Fight 3!

Download Race Stunt Fight 3! (Free)
Hello Kitty Tap and Run for Android is a casual action game that’s way too cute! Hello Kitty Tap and Run combines memorable icons of the Sanrio mechanical endless runner and a lot of RPG elements such as the character parameters that increases when leveling up, even you are in control of a Warrior Kitty. You can collect accessories in the game, and use them to decorate your room too! It can be played by all ages, but it seems more suitable for the kids. Game controls are very easy. All you have to do is tap the screen.

Greed for Glory: War Strategy

Greed for Glory android game top 10 games for android
Download Greed for Glory (Free)
If you love tower defense game then you must try out Greed for Glory andorid game. Start building your Kingdom and then create alliances with other players to defend your castle. The game is already become very popular and over 5 millions player joined the game. There are different game modes available such as kingdom vs kingdom battle, campaign game mode.

King’s Bounty: Legions

King's Bounty- Legions andorid game
Download King’s Bounty: Legions (Free)
An online strategy game with multiplayer support featuring great quests and missions. Players can join from other platforms too. Stunning 3d graphics is something you will enjoy in this one of the top turn-based strategies.


Finally, a RPG Action for you to enjoy. Like the previous titles from Glu mobile, ETERNITY WARRIORS 3 offers great gameplay,
better graphincs and smooth gameplay.

These are the Top 10 Games for Android we’ve chosen as Best FREE Android Games of the week. Let us know if you like them and also add your list in the comments below. Also checkout other top free games in our Android Games of the section.