Top 10 Free Best Apps of the Week on Android

Weekly best free Andorid apps round up : Pixlr Express – photo editing, The Talker App, Dolphin Zero, InstaMusic and more..

We know you are busy with holiday shopping and excited to celebrate the Christmas. We humbly request to spare a little time to checkout this week’s best free apps in android.

Here we go with another list for top ten of the most appreciated free apps of the week. Let’s checkout Top 10 Free Best Apps of the Week and download them.

Pixlr Express – photo editing

Pixlr Express - photo editing free andorid app
Download Pixlr Express App for free
You will be taking a lot more pictures during the holiday season. Pixlr Express will come very handy to fix photos before you post them on social networks. This is a full featured photo editor app for android with plenty of filter, effects and tools to edit photos like you do on a desktop.

Google Santa Tracker

Google Santa Tracker in top free android app
Download Google Santa Tracker app
Google Santa Tracker is an interesting app for Android to follow Santa on his December 24th journey as he delivers gifts to children all over the world Google Holy Tracker also comes with three fun minigames: Gumball (already available), Memory (available on December 17) and Elf Jetpack (available on Dec. 19). The choice to follow Santa Claus will be available on December 24, when the countdown ends.

The Talker App

Download The Talker App for free
Let your Phone talk to you. The Talker App for Android is an interesting app to interact with your phone in an innovative way. Create your own rules and let your phone to talk when you need it to. Listen to your calendar or SMS contents. Main features of the app are: Listen to reminders, an alarm that talks, text message on the go, news update, weather reminders that match weather conditions etc.

Dolphin Zero

Dolphin Zero free android app Download Dolphin Zero for free
This is a new Dolphin browser, web browser with fully private browsing that has been created to allow browsing without a trace, without saving any information to your actions, without having to delete the data finished your session. If you care about keeping your privacy on the Internet and want to use a safe private browser, Dolphin Zero will be right choice for you.

Keepy Save your kids childhood

Download Keepy Save for free
Keepy is a digital Android scrapbook app where you can upload your children’s artwork, school work and photos to create a beautiful timeline full of memories. You can save and share them privately with others or print them up as photo gifts. It’s an interesting, super quick & easy app that you would like.

Belt io free android app
Download for free
Clipboard in the Cloud. is an online cloud service which offers users the option to save content in the cloud. Here you can store and share simple stuff like text or links to view later when you have more time. To use the application you must download and install the Firefox extension or Chrome, as well as mobile application.


XFINITY TV X1 Remote android app free
Download XFINITY TV X1 Remote for free
A new remote app to control new generation of XFINITY boxes, and the app is Xfinity TV X1 Remote. The app allows Xfinity TV customers use their Android device to control their TVs. It comes with voice commands to make searching for shows easier. Navigate your XFINITY on demand through the app using your Android device, search for programs, and tune to content with voice commands and the on screen remote control.

InstaMusic-music picflow to IG

Download InstaMusic for free
InstaMusic is a new way to share your own music or the music you like on Instagram and let your friends listen to your music. The post focus on just music, just talking something about the song & the singer with friends on Instagram. Create instavideo using the videos you already have on your device, share Instagram music you love, including album cover! InstaVideo, Picture and more.

Fleksy Keyboard – Happy Typing

Fleksy Keyboard for android free
Download Fleksy Keyboard for free
Fleksy is based on a new way to predict the words you write. The app was originally designed for people with vision problems. Fleksy is an innovative keyboard with an important feature that differentiates it from the rest. It is a transparent keypad that allows you to see the screen elements that are under keyboard layout when deployed. The design is very elegant, with large easy touch buttons and a white on black pleasing.

Get Shit Done!

Get Shit Done! android app for free
Download Get Shit Done! for free
A simple yet effective app to increase your productivity. Divided your project goal into subgoals and set the duration of the project to be finished. You can also set your own rewards to motivate yourself to finish the job.

These are apps we consider as Top 10 Free Best Apps of the Week, but we know you have downloaded much more. So. let us know in the comment which apps you like most this week.