Top 10 Free Apps for Android you should Download this week


Have you been waiting for our Weekly Top 10 Free Apps for Android list?

Here we go again for another week of some of the best apps available on the Play Store. We have some for Jelly Bean, some with Holo design and all very useful. Enjoy them and don’t forget to follow us to discover more great apps and games recommendations.


Coursera android app
Download Coursera
Coursera is one of the best online learning platforms with a catalog of courses with prestigious universities around the world. Coursera, online university, app for Android offers hundreds of free classes through documents and videos of the most varied subjects. Installing this free app you are able to access the more than 600 courses available across 20 different categories from more than 100 educational institutions. In addition, you can register for the courses you are interested to know through notifications and those that will be launched, as well as download and content management, making it easier to access them. – collect new words

Download app is an online language learning tool for your Android that allows you to learn multiple languages easily with simple activities. The idea behind the app is that the best way to pick up a foreign tongue is through immersion, rather than burying your head in text books. You can learn over 20 languages easily with this app. When you’re inside the tool just select what you want to learn. The platform is updated with articles about the user’s interests.

GoT News

GoT News android app
Download GoT News
GoT News for Android is a news application dedicated to the Game of Thrones fans all around the world. Stay up to date with News, Videos, Blogs and Books on Game of Thrones – all in one place. With the app you can know everything that is happening in the Game of Thrones realm.


FireChat android app
Download FireChat
FireChat is an offline instant messaging service that lets you send and receive messages between phones without having a data connection, because if you use it in a certain way the app uses Wi-Fi and Bluetooth to send messages to people nearby. With FireChat, which operates through p2p (peer-to-peer), you can chat with a group of people at once or with one person. The other person that we want to communicate must be within this distance range (about 30 meters). Unfortunately, Android version of app has some problems such as you can not communicate with the iPhone having FireChat, chat to people only works when devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi router. The company may solve these problems in future updates.


Timehop app for android
Download Timehop
Timehop, the time machine of your social networks that lets you go back in time to show your older posts on different social networks. The app lets you view up to 3 years ago, which should be sufficient to produce a feeling of nostalgia.

Blizzard AR Viewer

Blizzard AR Viewer android app
Download Blizzard AR Viewer
Blizzard AR Viewer is a free app for Android that interacts with certain pages of the official art book included in the Collector’s Edition of Diablo II: Reaper of Souls. This fun app lets players take their experience to the next level, bringing a series of exclusive images to life through animation techniques and augmented reality.

Reactr: Messenger + Reactions

Reactr- Messenger + Reactions android app
Download Reactr: Messenger + Reactions
Ever send a friend a photo or video and wanted to witness their reaction rather than waiting for the same old ‘LOL’ or ‘OMG’ response? Now you can do it with the Reactr app for Android.

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