Top 10 Free Android Apps of the Week – including some Root Tools

This week we have some very interesting Android apps to install on your device. We got some highly recommended tools for root users which work on most devices. We also have a few apps which will help you to get around if your system constantly become slower. Let’s have a look at the list of this week’s Top 10 Free Android Apps.

Pimp my Rom (alpha)


One of the most advanced tools you can download for rooted Android devices. It allows for deep level customization including installing some extra features like Sony’s Clear Audio and Bravia Engine 2. The app also creates a rescue package to remove all the customizations in case you need it.
From Developer: Pimp my Rom is an app for rooted users that will allow you to choose between a plethora of tweaks, mods, hacks, apps and features to your current ROM.

This app has been proven to improve the performance of your device on many points. Pimp my Rom can be used on ANY Android Device, running ANY Rom.

LMT Launcher v1.85


This is not the type of launcher you think but a gesture enabler interface for root users. It also enables Pie support and many configurable options including custom icons and shortcuts. The app is available for many devices. Download LMT Launcher and read the complete guide for user input on XDA Developers.

From Developer: LMT is a tool for Android (tested already on multiple devices – see below) that launches a command when perform single touch or multitouch gestures on the screen (In any app/screen/etc.). You can connect basic and advanced commands to any gesture LMT supports. In addition to the gestures you can activate a system-wide PieControl for navigation like the feature in the ICS stock browser (touch the side of the screen to activate it).

Scope (Facebook,Twitter etc.)


All your social needs in one spot. It’s done through a very clean and well designed interface with access to all functions at a touch of a button. The app automatically creates personalized hubs allowing you to quickly discover all the videos, photos and more things being shared with you.
From Developer: Scope ★★★★★ is your social hub — the best way to manage your social networks(Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram, Tumblr and Reddit) — see everything in one place.

Scope brings together your favorite services like Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, Instagram and Tumblr so you stay up to date with the things that matter most.

Ubuntu Live Wallpaper Beta


Fond of the new upcoming OS – Ubuntu for Android? Well, you have some time to wait until you can have it. The operating system won’t be available until next year. Until then you can have this awesome live wallpaper and maybe make yourself a theme of the OS. See also Top 5 Ubuntu Launchers.
From Developer: Are you a fan of Ubuntu? Waiting for Ubuntu Phone? So do we! :)
If you can wait no more, we have small substitute for your android phone! You can enjoy a live wallpaper that is similar to Ubuntu Phone ‘Welcome Screen’ from Canonical.



This app provides a platform for running Windows 95 and 98 games and apps. It runs almost anything that was designed specificaly for the old versions of the OS and does it in an efficient manner. The app works best on newer hardware. You can have lots of fun giving your old games another feel.
From Developer: The is the BETA evaluation version of Winulator. Winulator is an app that provides a platform for running Windows 95/98 programs and games. Currently in development, a very limited list of games are supported.

See for more details.

Password Wallet


HandyApps has made one of the best password managers for Android. This app provides the latest security features and works great to keep and restore your passwords when needed. Working with the interface is a pleasure as it’s very well made.
From Developer: Password Wallet safely and securely stores your most sensitive data conveniently in your mobile phone or tablet.

We believe Password Wallet to be the most stealthy, most secure and most convenient password manager ever developed for the Android smartphones and tablets!

Smart Data


This app is brought by no other then Mastercard. It aims to provide a smart way to track your work expenses, taking and uploading photos of receipts, tagging them with date, amount and description details. It ties into the existing Smart Data service.
From Developer: Better expense reporting! No more paper scraps! Capture receipts on the go! Download the new Smart Data mobile app from the Google Play Store and log in with your existing Smart Data user ID and password.

Whip – best social photo album


This app will help you get the most out of your photos by creating beautiful albums. After you have decided which photos to include you can share them so your fiends and family can enjoy the images. The app provides a number of templates you can use for your photos.
From Developer: View, create and share beautiful social photo albums in minutes!

Whip is the new FREE way to bring your adventures to life in a social album featuring photos, music, and text. Whether you want to share your Super Bowl photos, your Valentine’s Day date, Holiday event or latest travel adventure – get tons of raves on Facebook and Twitter with your photo album. And it only takes 3 steps!

Reddit Now


The Beta version of this great Reddit client for android is now available on the Store. Though there are some great options available, this one provides a great user experience complete with the latest interface elements. The client works for both tablets and smartphones.
From Developer: Reddit Now is a great way to browse content published on Reddit, a popular social news and entertainment website, using your Android device.

Featuring a unique Holo-styled sliding interface Reddit Now aims to provide you with an intuitive, gesture based, Reddit experience. Mobile (beta)

appnet is an online website and service that monitors android market apps and games which are added to the users list and notifies them by an RSS/ATOM feed when those apps are updated, such as when there is a new version or when the price changes (increase or decrease).
From Developer: (beta) Android App is just the mobile client for the website, were you can view, add and remove apps from your tracking list, directly from your device without having to visit the website. is not an App Discovery Service, after registering a new account and installing the app your list will be empty (currently it will show just a black screen), you have to add your own apps to track.

So that is our Weekly Android Apps recap. Be sure to keep an eye on Android Apps of the Week page to find top free apps from previous weeks. Share and Cheers!