Top 10 Free Android Apps of the Week


A list of our favorite best free Android Apps of the Week.

Top Free Android apps weekly recap

Wanting to get the most out of your Android device this week? Never fear, as we are back with another round of awesome (and free) Android apps. Take a look at our picks below, and unleash the power of your Android device.

Ringo: International Calling

free android apps of the wek - Ringo- International Calling

VOIP apps such as Skype and Line2 have a new competitor on Google Play: Ringo. Allowing users to make dirt-cheap international calls to any landline or mobile number anywhere in the world, Ringo stands above the rest in that it also allows users to make mobile-quality calls without using WiFi or 3G. Downlaod Ringo App hereIt’s quite possibly the best VOIP app on the market today, so check it out.

UppTalk Free Calls SMS & text

UppTalk Free Calls SMS app for android

A competitor to Ringo and other VOIP services, UppTalk supports cheap international calls to over 200 countries, the ability to earn free credits (referring a friend or watching an ad), the ability to send MMS messages, and the best part? Downlaod UppTalk App hereCalling UppTalk users around the world is free!

Tomi File Manager

Tomi File Manager for android

Tired of trying to find files on your Android device? Wish there was an easier way? Enter Tomi File Manager – a file manager that allows you to easily manage your documents, downloads, videos, pictures, and more.Download Tomi File Manager here Simple and fast file management is necessary when you use your Android device on a daily basis, and Tomi File Manager has you covered.


Klout android app

Wish there was a way to gauge your reputation on social media? That’s where Klout comes in. Allowing you to find, create, and share content that your audience will love, you can then track your success via a Klout Score so you can keep tabs on which content resonates with your audience and which content you should stop sharing altogether.Download Klout app here Essentially a ‘social media report card,’ Klout is a must for those that want to improve their reputation across social media.

addappt: up-to-date contacts

addappt- up-to-date contacts app for android

Tired of constantly updating your address book? That’s where addappt comes in.Download addappt app here The days of outdated contact information is over, as addappt is the ultimate way to keep contact information on your Android device.

Shoebox – Photo Backup Cloud

Shoebox - Photo Backup Cloud android app

Are you afraid that one day, you are going to lose all of your photos on your Android device? Stop worrying and download Shoebox! With Shoebox, all of your photos are uploaded via an unlimited free photo backup service, allowing you to view every single photo you take with any of your Android devices. Downlaod Shoebox App hereNever lose a photo again with Shoebox!


Downcount android app

Need to create a countdown? Downcount makes it super simple to create daily countdowns and nothing more. Downlaod Downcount App hereSet a date, label it, and be alerted when the countdown is over.


AllCast android app

Have a Chromecast? Then you need AllCast. The best way to send music, photos, and videos to your television, AllCast also supports Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Samsung, Sony, and Panasonic Smart TVs, and various other DLNA renderers. Download AllCast App hereSlinging your favorite media from your Android device has never been easier thanks to AllCast!

British Airways

British Airways android app

If you travel via British Airways often, then you need the official app. Making it simple to book, board, and access every little detail concerning your flight, Download British Airways App herethe official British Airways app takes the frustration out of air travel.


Secret app for android

Want to share a secret with your friends? Then you need Secret: an app that allows you to share exactly what you are feeling and thinking with your friends anonymously. Download Secret App hereComment on your friend’s secrets while learning about their secrets. The more comments a secret gets, the more they are shared with others around the world.

So that is our Weekly Android Apps recap. Be sure to keep an eye on Android Apps of the Week page to find top free apps from previous weeks. Share and Cheers!