Top 10 Free Android Apps of the Week – Four Seasons Hotels, PBS Video, Imgur and More


The Top 10 Free Android Apps of the Week list featuring a collection of best new android apps you should Download.

How’s your app hunting going? To help you get some more apps in the collection, we bring another list of 10 free apps that you’d love to download.

Ready to jump in the action? Check out these best app of the week.

OS8 Launcher (FREE)

Download iOS8 launcher - android apps of the week

8.1This is a beautiful and lightweight launcher app for Android, echo icon was specially designed by UI designer. This launcher is highly simulated OS8 Launcher, it works fast and smoothly.

Four Seasons Hotels (FREE)

8.6Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts launches its new mobile application. It allows you to make and manage your reservations on one or more hotels in the chain directly from your Android. You can see information about the destination, make your check-in and check-out and customize hosting with special requests. In addition, the application has geolocation service indicating cultural and gastronomic attractions, with a tool that lets you save and share the itinerary planned.

Perfect Piano (FREE)

8.2Perfect Piano is one of the best virtual pianos for Android for those who want to learn to play piano with realistic instrument sounds. This application turns your smartphone or tablet into a mini piano and provides the support of Full Piano Keyboards. The application has tons of features, such as the ability to have one or two rows of keys, multi-touch compatibility, and ability to record any song you play onto the device’s memory.

PBS Video (FREE)

8.0With this official PBS app, you can watch the most popular and full-length programs from PBS. The app features thousands of videos from your favorite PBS programs and local stations; new videos are added daily.

Tapet – Infinite Wallpapers (FREE)

8.2Tapet is a simple wallpaper application that will automatically generate high-quality wallpapers, but in a different way. It uses mathematical functions to dynamically create, taking into account the resolution of the screen where you have installed the application. You can either select a random wallpaper or let the app generate one for you hourly or daily.

Kronos Day Scheduler (FREE)

8.0Organize your day and be productive with Kronos Day Scheduler. It will allow you to plan your days intelligently. You can organize your tasks according to importance by priority, establish compliance dates and more. Very helpful in organizing your day and that the application prompts you when you approach one or have to perform some activity. You can also share your tasks with friends and colleagues.

Imgur (FREE)

7.5The well-known image sharing site, Imgur has launched its native app for android. It allows you to discover and review images placed by other users, seeing images of almost all topics and locations from the Internet. You can discover content easily, as well as, create and share stories with others. You may comment and vote on existing publications, always emphasizing the content, rather than the navigation system.

Machinima (FREE)

8.5This is a perfect app for the fans of Machinima. With this application, you will dive into the official YouTube video channel directly from your Android. The app features a lightweight Material Design and very easy to navigate. You can publish or create videos, all kinds of pictures and GIFs with the community, in addition to surveys, polls and much more.

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