Top 10 Awesome Android Apps 2014


A list of the most exciting android apps releases in the year 2014.

Some of the Android apps available tend to be more useful than entertaining. If you are truly looking some awesome android apps 2014, then consider the following options.

The apps listed below will greatly improved the productivity of your android devices thus provide the most out of your smartphone or tablet.

YouTube Creator Studio app to manage youtube channel from android phone

YouTube Creator Studio

This official application lets you manage your YouTube channel no matter where you are. It lets you customize notifications, check statistics, and respond to comments on the go.

Download YouTube Creator Studio (Free)

Access any android device from pc with Mobizen app


Mobizen is an exciting app that gives you the ability to see everything going on within your Android device right on your computer. You can even control your device using your keyboard and mouse. Best of all, you can even connect your Android if isn’t there and even stream music and movies.

Download Mobizen (Free)

Sleep Cycle alarm clock app for android

Sleep Cycle alarm clock

This app is the perfect choice for health enthusiasts who want to make sure they get the best sleep possible. Instead of setting an alarm to wake you up at a given time, this clock will analyze your sleep patterns and make sure to wake you up when you within the lightest phase of sleep so you wake up relaxed and rested.Download Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock ($2.04)

Copy Bubble android app

Copy Bubble

Copy Bubble is a convenient little bubble that appears on your screen and lets you easily copy text or other items on your device. It is incredibly easy to use and doesn’t take up much room on your phone.Download Copy Bubble (Free)

Money Tracker app for android

Money Tracker by BillGuard

This finance app makes it easy to balance all of your accounts and keep track of them all in the same place. It will even track your spending and take preventative action against fraud or unwanted charges. It also helps you with budgeting so you can save money.Download BillGuard (Free)

Wickr-Top Secret Messenger app for android

Wickr-Top Secret Messenger

Wickr – The Top Secret Messenger lets you send top-secret files, audio, videos, pictures, and of course messages. It also lets you filter your photos or add fun details to them, keep ownership of any messages that you share, and pick when your files expire.Download Wickr (Free)

Monument Valley android game download

Monument Valley

In this app, you create impossible architecture to help guide a princess throughout a beautiful world. It includes impossible geometry, fantastical architecture, hidden paths, optical illusions, and hours of fun.Download Monument Valley ($2.10)

QuizUp android game


QuizUp lets you play exciting quizzes and trivia games on the go. You can play by yourself, challenge friends, or even challenge a stranger. There are endless topics and questions including Finish the Lyrics, TV shows, sports, games, and more.Download QuizUp (Free)

Threes - the most excitings android apps of 2014


Threes! is an endless puzzle game that challenges your brain but is still fun at the same time. Simply combine the numbers to make them grow as high as you can. You can either challenge yourself to beat your best score or try to make it onto leaderboards on Google Play.Download Threes! ($1.99))

Whistle Camera - Selfie app for android

Whistle Camera – Selfie & More

Whistle Camera – Selfie & More is a creative approach to using your device’s camera. Instead of having to figure out how to activate it or which button to press, all you have to do is whistle and it will take a picture. It lets you take hands-free pictures as long as your Android device is close by. If you prefer not to whistle, you can opt for a different activation and it even lets you edit and share your photos.Download Whistle Camera (Free)

Know an app worth sharing with other android users? Throw the name in the comments form below to let us know the most exciting android apps you have downloaded on 2014.