10 New Android Apps Worth Downloading for FREE


When it comes to writing about the best apps, it becomes more and more difficult to decide as there are so many new releases and all great. For this week we decided to focus on tools and social, and not leave rooted users behind.

10 new free android apps download

Take a look down below and see what you like among these 10 New Android Apps for FREE.


This is the new Superuser, coming from Koush – the developer behind ClockworkMod and Carbon Backup. It offers all the features the other apps offer, only that it’s free and Open Source – meaning anyone can bring improvements to it.

Developer: * Superuser should be open source. It’s the gateway to root on your device. It must be open for independent security analysis. Obscurity (closed source) is not security.
* Superuser should be NDK buildable. No internal Android references.
* Superuser should also be AOSP buildable for those that want to embed it in their ROM.
* Superuser should also be AOSP embeddable, meaning a ROM can easily embed it into their Settings app.
* Maintenance and updates on both the market and source repositories should be timely.
* If something goes wrong, I can fix it.
* Handle multiuser (4.2+) properly
* Handle concurrent su requests properly

Clean Master (Cleaner)

This app has the potential of making your device run fast and smooth, just as it perform out of the box. It includes multiple options for cleaning residual files, cache, apk and such, plus it can do backups and a task manager.

Developer: Clean Master is an all-in-one cleaner app on android for cleaning app cache , unused files, residual files, search history and uninstalling apps. With this apps user can also Kill running Tasks and releases more RAM to boost your phone performance and save battery life without granting superuser permission.

Fusion Messenger

The first public beta for the long awaited app has hit the Play Store. It offers a very good looking interface for chatting in both regular SMS and Google Talk from one app. More services will be added along the way.

Developer: Public Beta of the new app that fuses popular messaging services.
For testing and crash reporting only.
This build is not stable yet
Currently supporting SMS and Google Voice.

Naked Browser

Not naked but very fast and not lacking the most used features. This browser was meant to be used without distractions and it provides a very clean interface along with the options to make you consider it as a side option.

Developer: Naked Browser does not use data to spy, monitor, or even show ads. All data transfer is solely as a result of your requests & retrievals. Because Naked Browser is designed for efficiency, you may use more data simply because you can browse sites faster.

MiHome Launcher 2.0

The new release for the all-time favorite Miui launcher brings a lot of improvements. It is now way faster, more good-looking and provides a new engine for downloading themes that works even better. It also comes with a lockscreen.

From Developer: MiHome can be used in all Android devices. It transforms any Android device into what a Xiaomi phone would be – beautiful and easy to use, which is what defines Xiaomi’s MIUI operating system. The MiHome established nearly 2 years ago based upon a simple interface, continuous enhancements and our millions of user experience. You can now try it for free!

ArkMC DLNA Media Center

This is a complete solution for all your streaming needs. It is compatible with the DLNA standard and offers features for all media files, including pictures, music and videos.

Developer: Arkuda Media Center is a DLNA Certified(R) multimedia application for Android that allows you to easily access, stream, share, manage and enjoy multimedia content, such as pictures, music and videos throughout your home Wi-Fi network. For example, with ArkMC, music files from a PC can be streamed to a Media Center, video from a camcorder can be played back on the Xbox360 or PS3, pictures taken with smartphone can be instantly sent to a TV, and more! Discover all ArkMC features and turn your digital home into a place of entertainment from the comfort of a couch!

Swipe Dialer

A new release for the Swipe Dialer which already rated very high among the apps on the Store. It provides a seamless way to dial contacts and provides the clean look of the Android 4.0+ dialer interface.

From Developer: + Full T9 support
+ Set as default+ English, German, French, Norwegian, Spanish and Hindi Support
+ Indexed contact list
+ Phone number formatting
+ Stock android style
+ Big favourite photos
+ Very fast

App Launcher+ (Auto Organizer)

Having hundreds of apps installed on our smartphone means that it is always difficult to find the one you need to launch quickly. With this app you can sort all your installed software into categories and find them with more ease.

Developer: App Launcher Plus is an App Drawer that automatically organize your apps base on google play categories. It is not a full featured launcher, so it will not replace your current launcher. But you can use it as an alternative app drawer. It also has a folder view per category when a shortcut is created.

Notification Shortcuts

Another great way to launch your favorite apps at an instant. With NS you can set your favorites straight in the notifications drawer and have them exactly when needed. It also supports the latest features from Android 4.1+.

From Developer: The Samsung Galaxy Nexus lacks one important feature from older Samsung phones: The ability to toggle settings directly from the notification area. And I missed that feature!

Notification settings allow you to place shortcuts in the notification area, and not only for settings. It supports four different types of shortcuts.

Can I Google It for You?

Have fun with this ultimate generator for any kind of “…Google it for you” you’d like. You can share the link to your friends via any service you have installed at an instant. Mind you, it’s not available on the Play Store yet.

Developer: Hey!
This is my first android app, any suggestion/criticism welcome.
The app lets you generate “let me Google that for you” links and copies them to your clipboard automatically.
There are No ADS. The app is not available on the play store.

Have fun guys and explore your Android device with these new free android apps. Will bring you more top free android apps in next posts. Cheers!

  • Hunter

    Thank you for posting on all of these apps, Khaled. I want to check out Fusion Messenger, and Naked Browser, but I will wait until I get home from my shift later tonight. I think you’re missing one of the best apps there is. I have DISH Anywhere on my phone, and I use it to stream live TV and recordings from my home DVR. I’m a big baseball fan, and it’s a great way for me to watch live games, even if I’m not home.