Latest Android Free Apps – Magic Fluids, Swapps, Z – Device Test and More


Starting a new week with some new great Android Apps which can be download for Free is what an Android user would want. So there is a good reason to following Getandroidstuff and download the best Android Apps every week. This week we have a very well-built live wallpaper, tools and more. Let’s take a look:

Magic Fluids


If you are in need of a good motive Live Wallpaper then Magic Fluids is something worth to download. It comes with superb animations which you can customize and there are lots of presets included and options for colors and more. On top of that it’s fast and does not put pressure on the CPU.
From Developer: Magic Fluids allows for a great deal of customization. You can modify fluid type, color palette, how long it stays on the screen, when colors should change and much more.

Fluid alone is great, but it only gets better. Turn on particles and watch how they move with the fluid and emphasize it’s motion. Particles have lots of configuration options as well – shape, size, color and more. You can have more than 15000 particles on the screen, but you better have a strong device if you want to do that!

Swapps! All Apps, Everywhere


One of the apps that has greatly evolved through timely updates and is now about the best of its kind. It offers the ability to swipe from the edge of the screen and have a bar appear containing all your apps, including favorites and recently launched.
From Developer: Swapps! is the ultimate tool for multitasking on your android device. With a simple swipe action you can get to any other app you wish.

Swapps! launcher is always there, when you play, read or listen, you can always swipe and switch to another app.



As most of you have probably been informed already, Google has decided to remove Google Reader from its portfolio starting July 1st. That being the case and with the official apps gone from the Store the best alternative there is remains Feedly that offers a magazine type layout for reading the news.
From Developer: Feedly is a new way to browse the content of your favorite sites, rss feeds, tumblr blogs and YouTube channels. Instead of having to hunt down for information, feedly uses RSS to aggregate the contents of the news sites you like and deliver them as a fast mobile-optimized experience.

Z – Device Test


If you are among the few that stay thorough when it comes to their device’s health than you need the tools for the job. This app offers the ability to test about every hardware component and sensors for getting a good idea of the device’s shape.
From Developer: Z-DeviceTest lets you check your Android device sensors “health” in an intuitive and comprehensive way offering in-depth analysis all the characteristics of your Smartphone.



This app allows you to use Microsoft Word®, Excel® and PowerPoint® on your Android Tablet and Phone to create, review and edit documents. You can also rename, delete and manage documents with your Dropbox, Box, Google Drive and SkyDrive accounts.
From Developer: CloudOn brings Microsoft Office® to your Android Tablet and Phone and links it to your Box, Dropbox, Google Drive and SkyDrive accounts.

If that isn’t enough, the built-in Adobe Reader and File Viewer lets you open and view virtually any file type, including PDF, JPG, PNG, GIF, etc.



Chatting with style and including the best features in this regard, sharing of YouTube videos, iTunes songs and digitally scribbled-on photos. The app provides a very clean and attractive UI and has already gathered a large number of adopters.
From Developer: MessageMe is the fastest and most fun way to chat. Drop the need for SMS and exchange one-on-one or group text messages with your friends and family worldwide at absolutely no cost.

WeVideo for Android


The app is now in Beta and available for a limited number of devices only provides a combination of interacting o the most popular social networks, for sharing videos in an original manner.
From Developer: The WeVideo Editor helps you capture memories and moments wherever they happen, and turn them into amazing videos to share with others, across your favorite social networks.

webcamaze – amazing webcams


This app is good for providing access to Thousands of webcams take pictures of interesting places, cities, landscapes, beaches or mountains around the world. For each webcam, webcamaze compiles most interesting, beautiful or thrilling webcam images of the last month in a slideshow that waits to be discovered.
From Developer: With the webcamaze application, you can browse thousands of webcams and view not only the live image but also explore the history of the webcam. The image processing technology inside webcamaze automatically selects the most important images recorded by a webcam. The summaries are constantly updated.

Vire Launcher


Vire Labs have posted the public beta for what looks like a very promising offer in the Android launcher department. The app features custom icon themes, smooth action and superb animations.
From Developer: Join our public beta phase and try it now for free! This fast, fluid and power friendly custom home screen makes low-end Android phones feel like high-end and adds realistic 3D effects into all devices. Vire Launcher previews some cool features, such as real-time lighting, 3D transitions and automatic theming of all UI elements, including widgets and icons.



Just snap a picture of any contact list or email a digital list to the app and Ringya transforms it into a smart, shareable, organized list. Due to some highly advanced OCR features this app can easily prove very valuable.
From Developer: Put all your work contacts, class lists, club and sports team contacts onto your phone in a snap! Know who’s calling you and how they fit into your world with contextual caller ID (eg. Matt Johnson, CFO, Axiom Corp / Sarah Jones, Tommy Jones’ Mother, Fairview School).