Tips for Android – Get Rounded Screen Corners with RoundeR


One aspect of the Android OS that makes it so popular among users is the number of customization options. It is well-known that the Android system is based on Linux, therefore offering a sea of possibilities in terms of changing about every aspect of its design and also the main features.

Many of us android users would love to see the display to be rounded to match with device design. Most of Android tablet Screen including hottest Nexus 7, galaxy Tab does feature a rounded design but the screen corners are square. The same thing goes to popular Galaxy S series phones including Galaxy S 3 and Galaxy Note ii. If you are fancy to make your Android Screen corner’s rounded than there is an app for that called RoundR.

Tips for Android RoundR makes android screen corners rounded

One main aspect that makes any OS a successful one is the developer interest. Without the apps and tools designed for the platform the user interest drops to none and the system fails to stand out. Fortunately that is not the case with Android, where developers have shown a growing interest for providing top apps.

One of the simplest ways to give your Android device a new look is through the app called RoundR. It is open source and therefore free and available for other developers implementations. What it does is it rounds the corners of your android screen, giving the interface a more appealing aspect. And that without requiring root or any other advanced means of controlling the app. It simply works without bother.

Rounder android app download

RoundR will automatically round the corners of your Android tablet screen or phone screen without any hassle. Just install the app and you are good to go. But if you want than you can also choose a particular corner to be rounded.

Download RoundR for free by hitting the widget below. Also checkout more quick Tips for Android.