Thor: Lord of Storms – Latest Android RPG Action in Tower Defense


Okay, we all know about THOR – the hero with the power of electrical storms. How about putting yourself on the role of the Thunder God himself? Thor: Lord of Storms Android game will let you to do so.

Thor- Lord of Storms android game


Thor: Lord of Storms is a great combination of RPG action and Tower Defense. As usual in tower defense game, you will start from the left side of the screen where your base towards to fight against evils. Prepare your attacking units using typical mana system which will slowly recharge as you proceed. Collect mana and golds dropped by enemies when you killed them and use them to upgrade Thor’s capabilities and his troop’s abilities. You should also build defensive towers, which pummel your enemies during the conflict.

Thor: Lord of Storms combines RPG action with tower defense in one Android Game

Use Thor’s magical powers for massive destruction to your enemies but beware that a limited number of powers are available and take times to recharge so you should learn when to use these powers.

While you upgrade through golds, blue gems are the main currency of the game which required to enhance the game and unlock more items. Here comes the real money business as blue gems will cost you real money in some stage of the game through in app purchase. But if you are patience enough you can earn gems slowly. watch bellow the preview of the game:

The gameplay is quite good and stunning 2d artworks makes it more enjoyable. The sound effects are also great. In final words, the game will offer you some good time if you prepared to spent cash. The game becomes more interesting in advanced levels and started to get more difficult without having special powers you need to buy.

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