This Week’s Top 10 Free Android Games Download


Here is our list of Top 10 Free Android Games of the week featuring some of the latest tittles on Google Play Store.

Weather you realise it or not, gaming on your smartphone has become a habbit and you do it every day. From action games with awesome 3D graphics to puzzle titles you will find the true meaning of time flyes when you’re having fun – on your Android smartphone. The passing week has brought some great new titles on the Store.

Let’s explore the weekly android gaming roundup.


Nuts! is a new game for Android in the well known genre infinite runner that focus the career of a squirrel climbing a tree at full speed. The goal is to take the squirrel to the top of the tree picking up coins and food along the way, but additionally have to get smart and dodge to avoid colliding with any of the branches of the tree that appear in front of you. The game has well drawn in 3D graphics. A fairly simple game but can be very entertaining, and even become a bit addictive for some players.

Downlaod Nuts here

Lionheart Tactics

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Lionheart Tactics is turn-based RPG game with 3D graphics, gameplay is quite similar to the popular Final Fantasy Tactics. In Lionheart Tactics you will have to develop your character and fight enemies with your jumps and epic weapons in this fantastic world. Visit Midland Hills and select any of the 16 different heroes. To move your character, you only need to tap on it and see what points can be traversed. Prove your supremacy in tactics and strategy.

Downlaod Lionheart Tactics here


Timberman, the lumberjack fashion, is an old school arcade style casual game where the mission is to avoid the branches as you cut down the tree. You’ll have to press left or right and getting faster. The game reminds us of the well-known Flappy Bird, the gameplay of this is somewhat more elaborate.

Downlaod Timberman here

Magic 2015

Magic 2015 is the official video game of the popular trading card game Magic: The Gathering. This new game for Android comes loaded with new adventures and cards to collect. The game has the same game mechanics but with more control options, you’ll fight for the entire Multiverse against different opponents, creates a deck impossible to beat from hundreds of cards available. Apart from new graphics and charts, Magic 2015 comes with a new multiplayer mode to fight with several friends or against unknown opponents, among other innovations.

Downlaod Magic 2015 here

Fish Out Of Water!

Fish Out Of Water! is a very simple and entertaining game for Android, in which the goal is to get throw the various fish that want to go swimming in the wide sea. Throw your fishes, each of them with different skills and characteristics, to achieve the greatest possible distance and win bonuses, something that may seem simple but it becomes more complex due to the characteristics of each fish and the intervention of water making them bounce.

Downlaod Fish Out Of Water! here

Game of Thrones Ascent

Game of Thrones Ascent is a social strategy game based on the book series A Song of Ice and Fire. In the game you will have to create a path to the Iron Throne, joining some of the noble houses of the Seven Kingdoms, building little by little-strong army through partnerships that take place. In total there are 3,000 missions to complete. Interface and details are Very well made, the story also.

Downlaod Game of Thrones Ascent here

F18 Carrier Landing II

F18 Carrier Landing II is a flight simulator for Android where you have to land on an aircraft carrier safely, one the most difficult tasks for a pilot. The length of the runway is about 150 meters, which can interfere to make your landing very easy. Try as accurately as possible to maneuver, so as not to make a mistake. Realistic management and good physics will allow you to fully appreciate the complexities arising from the pilots. Also in the game, there is a training mode, which is designed specifically for beginners!

Downlaod F18 Carrier Landing II here

Evolution: Battle for Utopia

Explore new territories, extracted resources and fighting enemies. Evolution: Battle for Utopia is a real revolution in the genre of science fiction and MMORPG for mobile devices. In the game you will enjoy a unique combat system, hurricane action, huge tactical possibilities and dizzying adventure on a distant planet, full of secrets and dangerous enemies.

Downlaod Evolution: Battle for Utopia


Hercules: The Official Game is an action game in the style of hack and slash, in which players can control Hercules, the son of the gods, to fight all enemies who dare confront him. In command of the fierce warrior, the user will experience glorious battles facing other fighters. Fight with your enemies using special techniques and combos.

Downlaod HERCULES here

Oh, Don’t forget to add a few lines in the comment section to let us now which games you have downloaded and enjoyed this week. Cheers!