The best World Cup 2014 Android apps


Here are the best World Cup apps for android to get all the news and sports coverage.

The Best Wrold Cup Apps for Andorid

I bet most of you would like to stay tuned with the latest updates form the football world cup 2014 in Brazil. So we’ve chosen a list of best World Cup 2014 apps for android. Download the following best World Cup 2014 Android apps on your device and keep up yourself with the news and games.


FIFA official world cup 2014 app for android

The official implementation of the FIFA (International Federation of Football Association), organizer of the tournament. The application provides update news in real time of 197 tournaments across the globe, along with a special section for the 2014 World Cup Brazil.Download FIFA app here (Free) In it you find a News section with in-depth articles and videos, schedules, results, standings, group’s status, qualifiers, information about teams, players, pictures, videos and more.

World Cup Brazil 2014

World Cup Brazil 2014 android app

Follow all about the Fifa World Cup right from your Android device with the app World Cup Brazil 2014. The app offers live scores, information about a specific section (games, team and country) and the stages of the World Cup, update data in real time, a chronicle of all the matches played so far in the tournament, and will soon incorporate a new feature that provide previous matches with historical statistics about clashes between the two teams.Download World Cup Brazil 2014 app here (Free) It also includes a countdown for the fans to see exactly how long it takes to start the ball rolling in the Arena of Sao Paulo.

Jalvasco World Cup 2014

Jalvasco World Cup 2014 app for android

World Cup 2014 Brazil is an application for Android that lets you follow the Football World Cup 2014. Just like the official FIFA app, World Cup 2014 Brazil integrates photos, videos and news about the World Cup. It also has a section on the history of the tournament with a lot of data.Download Jalvasco World Cup app here (Free) With a simple interface, you can quickly access the content as you like, organizing by tabs.

ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup

ESPN FC Soccer & World Cup app for android

ESPN has updated the app for the 2014 Brazil World Cup and now offers the possibility to watch live scores, breaking news, videos with highlights, information about the 32 national teams, analysis of matches,Download ESPN FC Soccer app here (Free) results and personalized alerts for your favorite teams and national teams of the World Cup.

SofaScore World Cup LiveScore

SofaScore World Cup 2014 LIVE android app

SofaScore World Cup LiveScore is an application developed specifically for the World Cup in Brazil. This version of the app promise to give everything that happens in this competition: live scores, group classification, the knockout stage box, scorers table, etc.Download SofaScore World Cup app here (Free) exactly what you need in an app to follow the most favorite competition in the World of Football.

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  • Shaun Stevin

    nice share. I use Fifa app since very long its good. Today I have installed a new app called “Live Football World Cup 2014” and found it one of the most comprehensive apps related to world cup. Neat app graphics, very user friendly with all the details that a football lover wants for this years world cup.