A list of the Best free music streaming apps for Android to enjoy unlimited music on Android.

The music streaming is getting better and better with so many services out there. If you want to have legitimate access to a huge catalog of music this post is for you because here you will find the top 5 apps to listen music on Android from the cloud.

Playing music with our Smartphone is one of the functions more usually use. There are many users who can not imagine their mobile without music. But the truth is that many times we are disappointed to hear a specific song at that particular time, because we don’t have the specific song available on the device. As you know one solution to this problem is subscribing a streaming music service. Google Play Store has plenty of streaming music apps and choosing the best one can be a headache. In this case, we bring you the best free applications for streaming music to Android (Note that these apps also offer in-app-purchase which provides a bunch of premium features such as no ads, better sound quality, downloading for offline listening and many more).

Now keep scrolling to know the top 5 best free music streaming app for Android.

Spotify Music

Spotify Music streaming app for android
Download Spotify Music App (FREE)

Spotify is one of the very best music streaming apps for Android that let users stream a lot of music for free. Spotify provides integration with your personal music library with over 15 million songs from streaming. Share music with friends; highlight your favorite songs; or post the songs you listen directly to Last.fm and Facebook.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music on android
Download Google Play Music App (FREE)

Google Play Music is the official implementation of Google. This service lets you discover, listen and share your favorite music wherever you are. You can listen to your favorite music directly from the Internet at no cost. All you need is to have a registered account and a good Internet connection.

With the new Premium service, you can enjoy millions of songs, listening to radio unlimited, personalized, and discover more songs from your favorite music.

Rdio Music

Rdio Music app for android
Download Rdio Music App (FREE)

Rdio is the best way to discover, play and share millions of songs wherever you go and is completely free. With Rdio you can play more than 18 million songs as you like and subscribe to lists of large reproduction made by friends or influential, or create your own. Search and play thousands of new songs every week.

TuneIn Radio

TuneIn Radio streaming app for android

Download TuneIn Radio App (FREE)

TuneIn Radio features over 70,000 stations from around the world, 2 million different programs. Here you will hear the news from around the globe, hear songs and enjoy live sports broadcasts. You can search by artist, song, style, and you can even pause songs to continue listening later. There is a Pro version with more profits.

Get Amazon Prime Music 30 day trial

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Slacker Radio

Slacker Radio android app

Download Slacker Radio App (FREE)

U.S. and Canadian users can get access to Slacker Radio, which offers the ability to create and share custom-made playlists or music stations with friends through the web or mobile apps. Slacker Radio is stand out for its design and content personalization capability. You can create your own lists of programs and stations for quick access to the rhythms that interest you. You can also download songs you’re listening and you’re interested in purchasing.

Pandora internet radio

Pandora android radio app

Download Pandora internet radio App (FREE)
Pandora is a free personalized radio station that streams music on your smartphone. Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs, comedians, or composers and Pandora will create a custom station that plays similar tracks.

MOG Mobile Music

MOG Mobile Music app for android devices

Download MOG Mobile Music App (FREE)
MOG for Android gives you access to more than 15 million songs to listen anywhere. You can listen to your music even when you’re offline. You’ll have to register to the service to listen and download millions of songs / albums of personal and suggested music. MOG has virtually all your favorite albums and suggests music tailored to your taste.

Want to add more music in your library?
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There are are also other excellent music streaming apps for Android that we have left behind. What about you, what app do you prefer?

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    You can use Allavsoft to download Rdio Songs to MP3, M4A, FLAC, AAC on Mac/Windows.