The Best Free Calendar Apps For Android


A list of the best free calendar apps for android to manage your schedules and reminders.

Best Free Calendar Apps For Android

With the constant improvements of technology, your Android device can be your entertainment center and your date book. With the right calendar application you can easily stay organized and even sync your calendar to other devices.

The default android calendar app from google is the best calender app without a doubt in terms of productivity but for enhanced user experience you can download and install any of these calendar app alternatives available on play store.

Here are some of the best andorid calender apps.

aCalendar – Android Calendar

The full name of this application is aCalendar – Android Calendar and it includes daily, weekly, and monthly calendars as well as zodiac signs, moo phases, NFC sharing, and is ad-free. You can also customize it with photos for anniversaries and birthdays, 48 different colors, widgets, font size, and more.

Download aCalendar App Here

Business Calendar

This app is ideal for professionals but you can use it for non-business needs as well. It includes the standard daily, weekly, and monthly views as well as the ability to scroll and zoom through a multi-view display. It stands out with the search function, color-coded yearly view, and ability to configure widgets based on size and amount of information to show.

Download Business Calendar App Here

Cal – Calendar Google/Exchange

Cal syncs all of your calendars in real time (including Exchange and Google calendar) and lets you plan for life and work at the same time. It also includes a widget, predictive text, voice entry, and HeadsUp for important meetings. It even predicts meetings and meeting locations for you and tracks your tasks.

Download Cal App Here


CalenGoo will sync with Google Calendar and Android Calendar and offers five different views to choose from. You can easily reschedule events and use other functions via drag and drop support. There are a range of widgets to choose from and you can configure the startup view as well as other appearance features.

Download Cozi Family Calendar App Here

DigiCal Calendar & Widgets

DigiCal includes six different calendars as well as 6 widgets for the lock screen which are customizable. It will sync with your calendars and includes an intuitive user interface. You can even add locations to appointments, set up notifications, enjoy a world weather forecast, and use the app in 27 languages.

Download DigiCal App Here

Google Calendar

This is the same great Google Calendar that you use on your computer. It lets you view multiple calendars at the same time, even if they are non-Google ones. You can also manage events and email all event guests at the same time using a customizable message.

Download Google Calendar App Here

Touch Calendar Free

This app uses a view that you can scroll and zoom and it works with all major calendars including Google. You can customize repeating events (such as biweekly) and search for events. Using the calendar is straightforward and you can customize the font size.

Download Touch Calendar App Here (Free)

Jorte Calendar & Organizer

Jorte Calendar & Organizer features standard features such as monthly, weekly, and daily views, various widgets, Google Maps, and Google Voice Search. You can also customize it with holidays and the first day of the week. You can even use a countdown or the diary function.

Download Jorte Calendar App Here

Sunrise Calendar

This calendar offers all of the standard features you want and expect and can work with iCloud and Google Calendar.

Download Sunrise Calendar App Here

These are the best free calendar apps for andorid we found on google play store. If you use any other android calendar app that worth to be included in this list then share the name in the comments.


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