The best free android apps for beer lovers


A list of the best free android apps for beer lovers, which will help you to discover the world of beer.

best free android apps for beer lovers

It is no wonder that beer is one of the most popular and revered drinks from around the world. A mobile applies to many things and, yes, among them is drink beer. No, do not worry, we will not teach you how to use your Android to open a bottle but today we are going to talk about the applications that you can use to learn more about this world, which is not exactly small. In fact, it is a pleasure to find out if you like to drink, responsibly of course.

Let’s see the best android apps available at Google Play Store for beer lovers:

Untappd – Discover Beer

8.6Untappd is a social network for beer lovers that mixes the elements of Facebook, Google Maps and Foursquare. With it users can search beers and bars around, see what are the most consumed beers, rate them and explore the recommendations are left by users.

Download Untappd App Here (FREE)

Beer Citizen

8.2Beer Citizen is a mix between RateBeer and Untappd. It is an application oriented to discover beers and a clear direction for this purpose. In fact, the search is very fast and is perfect for going straight to the point.


8.0If you want to organize your hobby, record, review and rate the beers you have tested. Or, want to share your activity and get recommendations based on the tastes of the community; this application is the best option. It has a good database and powerful community members.

Download BrewGene App Here (FREE)


7.8Another option for those who want to write down everything about your hobby. It allows you to create a database of beer data in the cloud. Here, you can include a multitude of data: which brands you have tested, where you got it, leave notes, store links for later use, events, etc. It also has a web browser version. Thus, you can access whenever you want and from anywhere via browser or your Android.

Download BeerCloud App Here (FREE)

Beer Counter

8.0You may need some control over your consumption. Then this application will help you to do that. This application will tell how much beer you have taken in a certain period of time and when money may be costing you. This is an ideal app to learn to brake in time or to avoid running out of budget.

iBeer FREE – Drink beer now!

7.5It was the first type of app/game that was launched when the first smartphone to show its possibilities. Pretend your phone is a pitcher of beer, with foam, bubbles and sound effects -tilting and drink it.

Do you any other Android app that will help beer lovers to know the world of beer? Let us know in the comments.