We’ve rounded up the best android apps for men to make you the coolest guy among friends.

Most people can not conceive to leave the house without their Android device, become an indispensable tool, which has recently surpassed the simple function call or messaging. It helps in everyday chores and everyone can make life easier, especially with the help of thousands of programs that were designed for this purpose.
The Best Android Apps for MEN

Either you want to be a budget guy, try some new drinks, get into shape or want to impress your girl, the following android apps will help you through.

Here are the best Android applications that every man should have them on the phone!

Mint: Personal Finance & Money (FREE)


8.5It is the ideal application to control your finances. It has become the application header of many individual users but is also ideal for small businesses. It connects directly to your bank account to monitor financial activities and allows you to generate graphics information and keep track of your income.

Cocktails Made Easy ($1.54)

9.0Would you like to be the life of the party? With Cocktails Made Easy, you will become an expert of cocktails and make surprise everyone who is around you. You can make separate drinks depending on what type of alcohol / liquor you want. It also explains very well what ingredients to use and how many servings you need to prepare your ideal drink.

Diet Assistant – Weight Loss (FREE)

8.2One of the great concerns that many men have is the need to keep fit, or at least exercise to have a healthy lifestyle. Diet Assistant is the perfect application for those who are facing the difficult routine of starting a weight loss diet. After entering your ideal weight, Diet Assistant undertakes a purpose of a diet and gives you some food options you can choose according to your tastes. You will also have a shopping list based on each diet plan so you do not have to think what to buy when you go to the store.

Tie Deluxe (FREE)

7.8Tying the tie is still a problem? Or simply you would like to learn to master new nodes? Then Tie Deluxe would be the application for you. The operation is quite simple: a list containing the various types of knots to tie and a step by step explanation of how to perform them, complete with a slideshow.

Tinder (FREE)

8.0Tinder is the most successful dating app for smartphone users. It allows you to search the potential soul mate based on geographical location and Facebook profile. The algorithm then processes the application information offering profiles selected according to age, distance, and personal interests. The appreciation is expressed clicking from time to time – anonymously – on a little heart: only if the other person does the same, you can start chatting.

Allrecipes Dinner Spinner (FREE)

8.7Today a guy can cook is one of the things they value most women. So applications like this are good items to have in your Smartphone. Therefore, the application like Allrecipes Dinner Spinner is a good item to have on your smartphone. This is a classic recipe app for Android because it lets you choose what ingredients you want and then serves up recipes based on those decisions. It also provides seasonal recipes, instructional videos, and a dedicated shopping list to help you keep track of what you need from the store.

These are just some of the most used and useful men’s applications for Android with which your life can become easier in many respects. Therefore, do not hesitate to inquire google playstore android market carefully and choose how many programs you can take a burden off the shoulders. Also don’t forget to share favorite masculine apps in comment form below.