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Get the best out of your android devices with our weekly free android apps selection.

Monday is without a doubt not the most popular day of the week. That is way we are trying to cheer you up by giving you the opportunity to try some of the best Android apps for free for this week. Developers have intensified their efforts and it is expected that the number of Android apps will rapidly grow over time.

Let’s see what we have in the menu of Ten Best Free Android Apps of the Week:

Tossup (FREE)

8.0Tossup is an application for Android where users can create and modify plans or activities subtly dynamic and from your own Smartphone. This application is designed to take a feedback from colleagues and family who are looking an activity with the same application and depending on the response, it may issue a recommendation that the group should take.

Swappa Price (FREE)

7.8Swappa is a website to buy and sell phones. It is known for offering graphs showing you how much a phone has been selling lately, something that has been very helpful in deciding what price to put if you want to buy or sell a used phone. Now with Swappa Price, you can do all this from your Android phone.

Hooks – Alerts for Everything (FREE)

8.0With Hooks, you can create alerts for everything that happens on the Internet. If you wish to be notified when your team wins or if your favorite singer gives a concert or if it will rain tomorrow, Hooks can give you alerts for everything you want.

ArtStation (FREE)

8.7The app ArtStation for Android is the showcase platform for game, film, media & entertainment artists. Through this app, you can browse and discover thousands of artworks by the world’s best artists.

Minute Video Discovery (FREE)

8.0Minute Video Discovery is a program that allows you to quickly browse videos to play on your smartphone. It compiles a number of lists with small snippets of content to choose what you want to see. With this app, you can discover more in less time.

Voice Recorder (FREE)

8.2This application can be interesting for those of you who always make audio recordings with the smartphone. It is a voice recorder like many others, however, intelligent and with extra features. You can create a slideshow with images taken during sound recording. In fact, these photographs may be used in the own cell library, better illustrating the recorded audio. Recordings can be shared on WhatsApp, Dropbox, Skype and other software through the typical share button.

Fusion 360 (FREE)

8.0Fusion 360 is a free application for those who want to create 3D models. The app lets you collaborate on 3D designs with anyone inside or outside your company. With this, you have the flexibility to view, markup, comment, and collaborate on your fusion 360 CAD models anytime, anywhere.

Crossroad (FREE)

CrossRoad - Best Free Android Apps of the Week

Crossroad is an application that has been specially created to gather and synchronize photos from an event such as a party or wedding, for example. To begin using the program, tap “Log in with Facebook” and authorize access. The synchronization of files occurs in real time and all participants of a “Crossroad” have immediate access to the images placed in the folder. You and your friends can enjoy and comment on any item and you can also share the photos you want using the “Share”.

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