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On Oct 18, 2012
Last modified:Feb 25, 2013


A beautiful way to capture your videos and spice them with various effects, similar to instagram then share them with your friends through Facebook or Twitter, in email or SMS.

Download Telly Android App, Discover, create & share videos with style.

Sometimes you get the feeling that the words of a status or a single image on social networks are not effective enough to communicate a particular “message” and you want something more: a video. Here you go, Telly for Android will allow to create amazing videos like you did with images on Instagram.

Telly Android App Review Your Instagram Like Social Video Experience

Telly is meant to communicate much more than simple text. It is a social video network which integrates your video feeds with social networks. Even before you install it, just looking at image above you get the impression that this app smells of Instagram. In fact the old camera / tv and fonts that stand out in the image that advertises the application remind us one of the famous photo-sharing app and there are precursors to some features (yes, the much-loved / hated filters – “vintage”).

After you installed it will be asked to register with an email address, or associate your Facebook or Twitter (the two social through which you can then share your video) accounts. The in-app entries are:

  • My Video Feed:  videos uploaded by people who we have decided to “follow” you
  • Popular Videos:  the list of videos that are “hot” right now, we can share or comment
  • Activity: our bulletin board
  • My Profile: various options regarding our account

As we’ve mentioned, the video can then be enhanced by filters of various types (Mono, Sepia, Negative, Solarize and Posterize). Once the video has been edited you will be asked if you want to add a piece of music in the background . This idea turns out to be interesting, but too bad that we can only choose between the tracks provided by the APA, unable to put any taken from our music library. Surely there are a few small areas that could use improvement, but it’s worth a try, especially if you are of the idea to enrich your social multimedia experience.

Pros of Telly Android App:

+Stylish interface

+Video editing and effects

+Custom audio background

Cons of Telly:

- Random login issues

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