Tasker Android App Review : Everything your Smartphone can do now Automatically


Checkout Tasker Android App Review and learn how it can change your smartphone life by getting things done automatically.

Ever wonder how to get things done on android phone automatically ? If you have already read our recent app review for Phone Schedule then you know this types of apps can dramatically change the way you use your smartphone by automate many task. Tasker Android App is also similar kind but offers more functionality. Think your phone can do things automatically like it goes silent when its time for meeting, disabling email alerts when asleep, launching music player when plug the headphones and a lot more possible actions you can imagine. Tasker for Android has  200+ built-in pre defined actions.

“Tasker is a complex app” may be too little to say it. In fact, I think I should write a small manual to cover all the options offered by this app. But don’t worry, it’s not that hard to use, the interface is relatively simple and you are accompanied by tips at every step. I am referring to the possibilities that Tasker offers, given that we can set the it to interact with other utilities installed on your smartphone.

Android App Review Create complex automated task lists using Tasker

Tasker acts based on user-defined profiles. Each profile includes actions and deployment scenarios. Actions can be carefully set. For example, if in a given time interval you listen to music on your phone, the application will allow to configure what app to use for music, what song / album / folder is to be played, more or once, what volume and so on. The possibilities are virtually endless. Unlike other apps that promise to provide similar functionality, Tasker does not only work based on your GPS location. We can define a condition for when you left home and you’re no longer connected to the wireless network there. Moreover, we can define an action based on the physical position of the phone, for example if it’s turned facing down.

As I said, Tasker works with other applications installed on the phone. We can set certain state at the onset of a task – ToDo application, which in turn is synchronized with Google Tasks. Tasker is fairley easy to use. It’s complexity should not be necessarily viewed as a negative aspect. Luckily we can download various profiles, created by other users and we can use them to automate our actions. The app does not come cheap and a trial version is not available. If you started on the road to automated tasks on Android, Tasker is a solution that will not fail.

Pros of Tasker for Android:

+ Unlimited number of possibilities

+ Downloadable task profiles

Cons of Tasker:

– No trial version available

Download Tasker Android App from the Play Store by hitting the widget bellow. Download Phone Schedule for Free instead, if you are not willing to pay for tasker.