Tank Hero : An Arcade Game to download on Android


Become the “Tank Hero”, fire your cannons to destroy the enemies. Play Tank Hero game on Android.

Play Tank Hero game on android

Tank Hero for Android is a Fast paced 3D tank action game that will provide plenty of excitement. In the game, your goal is to defeat all your enemies and survive at the same time, for which you have to move quickly in each scenario. Control your own tank, battle through dangerous scenarios and become the Tank Hero! Fun and addictive game for Android.

Let’s grab Tank Hero game for your Android devices and get down in the war with cannons, heat seekers, and howitzers.

The gameplay of the game is quite simple. In the game, you will have to drive your tank through a battlefield infested with enemies. The game consists of 120 different levels and three different zones where you will fight hordes of enemy tanks. When starting the game, you can choose between campaign mode and survival mode. In survival mode, you have to choose a card and fight against tanks. And in company mode, you have to go through the exciting and interesting levels. During the challenge, you will have the opportunity to counter your opponents with five different weapons such as cannons, heat and howitzer crawlers. There is a possibility of fire ricochets off the walls, which is very convenient.

Most importantly, you should avoid missiles throwing from enemy tanks if you don’t want to explode into pieces. To drive the tank you have a command at the bottom left of the screen, and to fire just touch the screen. If your score is good, after obtaining the victory will see your name at the top of the standings. The game has a great three-dimensional graphics with dynamic lighting and shadows in real-time.

Tank Hero Android features:

  • OpenGL 3D graphics with dynamic lighting and shadows in real time
  • 120 levels spanning three environments
  • Two game modes: Campaign and Survival
  • 5 types of weapons
  • 5 types of AI tanks to fight against
  • Support for devices high definition and tablets
  • Multitouch and schemes of scroll wheel control
  • OpenFeint achievements and leaderboards ranking

Tank Hero already got everything to have fun, but we would love to see more options such as the ability to build customized Tanks. Hopefully, the developer will brings those features in next updates.

Tank Hero (Free)

Tank Hero is a Free Android Game. Download Tank Hero from the playstore link above. Let us know if you enjoy the gameplay o fTank Hero Android game.