Talking George The Giraffe Android Download v1.0

Speak with the incredible giraffe George through the application Talking George The Giraffe for Android. Talking George The Giraffe is a fun game Where the character of the game responds with his funny voice and reacts to what you say or your touch, like Talking Tom Cat, but this time it’s a Giraffe, do not need  much explanation or anything like that, it’s just to hang out and is very funny. Have fun with this great Talking George The Giraffe Android app.

Android Talking game George The Giraffe

Among all the talking animals available in Android Market, the giraffe is characterized by its intellectuality, and the expression of attractive faces. In Talking George The Giraffe Android game you will find: high quality 3D-graphics, cool voice of the main character in the interaction with you, singing with George under the piano, exciting games, amazing animation. Is not it cool at all? As we say, the application has 4 additional exciting mini-games to play. Play with the giraffe in the game that contains 48 levels, 3 speed on the level, and original music. Give her carrots and ice cream, give her water or lemonade so she does not feel thirsty. You can play with her and her piano. You hate her! Then give a giraffe “sheloban”, forcing him to sit down on all four legs. In addition, as communication with George, you’ll learn more about his personality and his neighbors in the savanna – a huge elephant, ferocious jaguar, herd of zebras, antelope and other jungle animals! Have fun with this fantastic application.

Features of Talking George The Giraffe Android:

  • High quality 3D graphics
  • Voice interaction
  • Realistic and high quality animations
  • Minimal simple interface
  • Quick move of the game is simplified to the limit
  • Good sound quality
  • Fun for all

Download Talking George The Giraffe Android app v1.0
Talking George The Giraffe Android apk
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Talking George The Giraffe is a Free Android App. Download Talking George The Giraffe from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.
Or, simply follow the link below to download free Talking Giraffe Android game, Talking George The Giraffe latest version from Google Play