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System Info Widget for Android is a very useful and interesting application that shows important system information of your Android device.

The list of this information includes data on battery percentage (% load, temperature and voltage), processor temperature, uptime, free memory, signal strength and more.

System Info Widget for Android

System Info Widget for Android is an application that shows you via a widget, the percentage of the battery, temperature, free RAM, free disk and free SD memory.

System Info Widget allows you to access important info & features right from your home screen! This widget has several ongoing data on the system in your Android device. It shows important system information in real time. System Info Widget has a widget 4 × 1 or 1 × 4 which shows important system information of your Android device home screen. The information will appear right on your home screen, so you will not have to travel to see a given menu. The application includes a bunch of different widgets to choose. System Info Widget gives you a glance of your android device data such as battery percentage, uptime, free memory, processor temperature, signal strength and more. You define what information you would like set on the widget, you can also display in the status bar battery percentage remaining.

If you want to see how it works you can see the following video:
System Info Widget overview

System Info Widget v2.0.2 Fixed Free SD Card space display for Galaxy S devices. System Info Widget for Android Displays system info in real-time. Download the widget and see your smartphone’s current status for battery, RAM, internal and external storage.

Features of System info widget:
* Battery life
* Battery Temp. in °C and °F
* RAM, Internal & SD card storage
* 4×1 & 1×4 widgets, 5 themes
* Update interval
* Touch icon to display more info
System Info Widget was developed for Android by Jason Calhoun
Package name :
File size: 1MB

Download Android System Info Widget v2.0.2
System Info Widget  apk
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