Swype Launching Their New All-In-One Keyboard. How to download swype for android


New Swype

One feature I really loved that came with my Galaxy Note is the Swype keyboard. It is a revolutionary way to write and after using it a little it will make your typing a lot faster ! A while ago, we heard that Nuance the guys behind the Dragon voice recognition program had acquired Swype. We had no idea why, it was pretty hard to guess where this thing going. Today, a new version of the Swype keyboard came out and it now comes with the Nuance software in it. With that you also get gesture writing and Nuance’s FlexT9. Take a look below :


Now as you have seen this is a smart keyboard which means that it will adapt to the way you type and the corrections will be more and more accurate. If you’re not pleased with your stock keyboard or if you simply want to try these awesome features, be sure to Download Swype Apk beta hitting this LINK from your Android device’s browser.

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