SuperOneClick Root for Android. Watch Video Tutorial


SuperOneClick brings the easiest way to root your Android device. No doubt that if you like to make modifications to your Android phone, one of the first things you’ve done is rooting. At first it was something complicated to do, it is now very easy to root your device with SuperOneClick root method.


Rooting means to access all the files on your device and to make and unmake at will within the system of internal terminal files, this will be of great help, for example, to install system tools that will help us improve the performance of our terminal , or delete system applications of the ROMs own originals that make up space on your terminal and not usually used for anything. Root your Android Mobile Phone couldn’t be easier than this. The simple and quickest way to Root Android Smartphone is SuperOneClick Method. You don’t even have to install Android SDK anymore which was necessary in previous methods. So you don’t have to be an expert to mess around your PC and Phone. You just have to download the program and install it, then with a few simple steps you’ll have your phone with root access. The steps are simple, follow me below

1.  Download the latest file to your Windows computer.
2.  Extract the files from the .zip file into a new folder on your PC.
3.  Plug your phone in to your PC and turn on USB debugging. (Settings>Applications>Development>USB Debugging)
4.  Open the folder with the SuperOneClick contents and double click “SuperOneClick.exe”.
5.  Allow the process to run, wait until finish it and you are done!

The Download link and Details guide link could be found after the break, let’s watch the video Tutorial for SuperOneClick Root for Android by theunlocker.

How to root your Android phone with SuperOneClick free Android root Method

Now you’ve got the idea head over to XDA Forum to download the latest SuperOneClick program and the details instruction could be found there too! The program is free to download.

  • ann

    i cant download any super one click.. :((

  • Josh

    This worked quick and easy with my backflip.

  • puck


  • carlo

    stock at Getting mount path… HTC DESIRE

  • Mat

    does this work on samsung i7500

  • ma67cpe

    does this loose all your apps and stuff you have built up in your apps. Like game saves?

    • Nagrom

      Game saves are usualy stored on your SD Card so they’ll be safe.

  • Mastermind26

    Is this for ALL ANDROID smartphones?????