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SU File Manager & Terminal is probably the best file manager application for root users with which you can move, copy, delete files, makes FTP functions etc.

SU File Manager & Terminal for Android might be a good choice for your Android root device to browse system files and modify them.

SU File Manager & Terminal Android

If you are looking for a file manager app for your rooted Android device, then you can try SU File Manager & Terminal app. SU File Manager & Terminal app is a powerful file manager for Android root user to manage files. Of all the options that may be this is the most classic of the Market. A complete file manager app to manage files where you can move, copy, delete files, makes FTP functions, you can access the PC and even transfer files via bluetooth. A complete tool and compatible with older versions of Android (from 1.5).

Key features:

Terminal, searching, recording, CHMOD, SYMLINK, view, edit, save, short preview files, PC browser and more, SH / RC scripts.  Bookmarks choice at the same time several files, change color and font size of the term, create and decompress Zip, video player, etc.

NEW in v3.57:

  • Syntax Highlighting
  • APK Binary XML support
  • Faster PC-Dev Transfer speed
  • Directory Tree View
  • ROOT Access & BB REQ

SU File Manager & Terminal was developed for Android by Protocol – X
Package name :
File size: 363KB

Requirements: Android 1.5 or above; need root- law.

Download SU File Manager & Terminal Android apk v3.57
SU File Manager & Terminal android apk

This is the older version of the app. If you want to download the latest version from Google Play Store, click the below widget to get the version 3.86 from Play Store


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  • Jon B

    Does this require root?

    • tom