Stream music from PC or Mac to Android with Pure Connect App


Access thousands of online radio stations, songs, and stream music directly from your PC, Mac or network storage.

Pure Connect Android offers access to thousands of internet radio stations, on-demand radio shows, podcasts and of course company’s own music subscription for songs. But what’s fascinating is that the app also allows to stream music from your PC or Mac or any storage device (UPNP software/service required) connected to same network.

Stream music from PC or Mac to Android

A lot of us android users wants to be able to play music from our computers to android phone and Pure Connect App doest exactly that.

If you also own a set of supported wireless speakers or Jongo speakers or another compatible Pure product you can easily listen music through them. Basically the app turn your whole music collection into one cloud music station and control them from your android mobile devices. Wouldn’t it be cool to access your whole music collection and listen whatever you want from anywhere around the house.

If that it not enough for you Pure Connect also offers three subscription plans: Green (free) with a catalog of 20 000 radio stations, Blue at a monthly price of $4.99 for unlimited streaming, and Purple for $9.99 a month allows to download music and listen offline.

Pure Connect Android app is available to download for free on Google play store. Use the play store link below to download Pure Connect for Android.