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Stair Dismount is the premier personal impact simulator on Android™! Stair Dismount™ is a 3D rag-doll simulation game featuring the indestructible Mr. Dismount & friends where you can decorate Mr. Dismount with the photos of your friends and Push Mr. Dismount down the stairs for maximum damage! Experience somersaults and barrel rolls in convincingly accurate 3D physics simulation!

Screenshot of Stair Dismount AndroidScreenshot of Stair Dismount AndroidScreenshot of Stair Dismount Android

Isn’t it fun to post your acts of loving kindness via email, Facebook and other social circles? But remember this is for fun only, dismounting is not to be attempted at home or outside, and should be left to trained professionals. Secret Exit does not recommend or condone dismount attempts outside 3D computer simulations. Watch below the video gameplay trailer of Stair Dismount Android game:

Stair Dismount for Android was developed by Secret Exit Ltd.
Package name: com.secretexit.dismount.apk
File size: 12MB

Download Stair Dismount Android Game v2.1.2:
Stair Dismount Android apk

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