SQLite Editor for Android Download Apk


For those who would like to be able to edit SQL database on the go, this android app is a life saver.

SQLite Editor for Android is the only tool available in the market that allows you to edit and delete records in any SQLite database on your Android device. With this app you can browse and edit databases on your SD card. Root users can also edit any private database created by your installed apps. Filter on any field value.

SQLite Editor Android App fully integrated with Root Explorer which allows to browse and quickly open database file. If you are a root user, make lists of all installed apps, which have local internal databases, on your device. Then you can select an app and edit any of its databases. Just tap on a SQL db file and it will directly open in the Editor. Also the spreadsheet-like table view when displaying a table’s rows is what makes it the best to edit easily. Users with non-root device can browse and edit databases on the SD card. By far this is the best you can get on an Android Phone or Tablet.

The app is very well responsive in terms of functionality. But if got any problem just e-mail to the developer and they are there to help you out.

Data is displayed in a smooth scrollable grid.

Recent changes:
Version 2.0 added “Delete All” menu item. When a filter is applied this deletes all records matching the filter. When no filter exists it empties the table.

SQLite Editor was developed for Android by Speed Software

Package name : com.speedsoftware.sqleditor.apk

Requirements: All Android versions with support of App2SD. SQLite Editor versions will varies with device.

You can download older version of SQLite Editor apk from the link above but we suggest you to buy the latest version of SQLite Editor for Android on google playstore ($2.38).

  • norm

    i paid for this app and it wont open the full database to view….

  • CW

    download v1.3.2 and installed, not working and complaint it must download and install from Android Market. Manually put the apk file to system/apps/ folder and change the permission not work too. Look like the security protection feature of the app apk file.

  • Kardargo

    Installed this, but it quit after startup with the message that it could not get root-access. Although it states in the market, that non-root users can access sqlite-databases on the sd-card.
    So that statement seems to be false.
    Version is on 1.4.1

  • Sri

    Jaffa website

  • Roland B.

    @Lee has right, it won’t run…

  • Lee

    Will not run. On start says app must be downloaded from market to run correctly. Only options are download which open it in market and exit which closes the app