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You want to check the speed of the internet connection at which you connect your Android Try Speedtest.net. It is the most familiar site to check your Internet connection speed, now available as a free Android application with no advertising! Use it to measure the network speed of your Android device. With over a million tests performed every day, Speedtest.net is the ultimate resource for bandwidth testing and related information. Visit it on your computer today to find out why.

Speedtest.net Android Speed test app

Speedtest.net Mobile is an application with which you can measure the speed of the wireless Internet devices quite accurately. With the help of Speedtest.net Mobile, you can measure the speed on your Android smartphone or tablet, and learn ping. Much like its famous web application used to measure the speed of the connection band wide, Speedtest.net mobile provides reliable methods to check the status of the data connection. This program, in addition to Internet speed test can help find the fault of the modem, Wi-Fi module or access point. All results are stored in a history with details the date, type of connection speeds rise and fall, etc.. If you have problems while browsing or if you just want to confirm how fast you connect your Android, you can check with Speedtest.net.

Speedtest.net Speed Test was developed for Android by Ookla
Package name : org.zwanoo.android.speedtest.apk
File size: 478KB

Download Speedtest.net Speed Test app for Android v1.7.4

Speed Test android apk                  

Speed Test for Android is a Free App. You can Download Speed Test Android from link above or Simply use Barcode Reader on your Android Mobile Phone Camera, read QR image above to Download from Android Market. If you don’t have Download Android Barcode reader Now.
Or, you can get the latest version of Speedtest.net for Android from Play Store by following the link below.
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