Speed Up Rooted Android Devices with XBooster *ROOT* – Free


XBooster Can Really Speed Up Rooted Android Devices of All Kinds.

Android users who decided to leave their devices in a manufacturer provided state may not understand why do some people decide to root and modify their devices. I am going to tell you from the start that one of the many benefits from rooting is that it gives users the ability to speed up their devices with the help of certain tools. Here is one that has been tested on a great number of devices and found to have a positive effect in terms of boosting the device’s performance.


XBooster has been designed to squeeze rooted Android devices of just every last drop of performance. The app offers a simple interface and is designed so that you get the boost in performance only when needed if you so choose, especially for the most demanding hard-core games. XBooster uses a special algorithm called DRC (Dynamic RAM calculation) to boost device performance to the best possible given the different types of hardware configuration. The developer advertises it working on a good 88% of the tested devices with visible results.

It is no secret that the mobile market is advancing at a very fast pace and new devices are launched at a high increasing rate. Thus certain handsets that once were top of the line will turn “old” much sooner than anticipated and require replacing with newer ones. XBooster can give not only extra life to these devices but also keep the newer ones running at peak efficiency for the most demanding users. On top of offering a very easy to use and understand interface it also comes with a homescreen widget that you can use to kill useless background apps at anytime.


XBooster comes in both a free and paid form on the Google Play Store and is said to offer immediate results. Don’t forget your device needs to be rooted in order to be able to use this app.
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  • Omar Sohail

    I use all in one tool box to free out my unused programs! Will that suffice or would i be better off using this app?