SoundHound for Android : Music recognizing app


SoundHound for Android is a great app to quickly recognize songs from just a tap by letting the device listen a few seconds of any song.

Unlimited music recognition on Android! SoundHound is a tool to identify music and song you do not know the name or artist. With this instant music discovery app, you can discover the details of a music you are listening. SouundHound is able to recognize any song you are listening or you can hum only 5 to 15 seconds and SoundHound specify its name and everything related to it.

SoundHoundFor those who do not know about the app, SoundHound is instant music search & discovery app to identify the song that is ringing, either on the radio or elsewhere, the application “listening to the song” and search Internet the name and letter of this. Imagine you’re listing a song on television or on radio but you cannot remember the song name, who sings it or when the song first released. SoundHound will tell you details of the song you want to know in just 5 to 15 seconds.

Not only recognizing the song, SoundHound also shows everything related to it, as its name, artist, author, lyrics, album name and cover art to which it belongs, other related records, discography and biography of the artist, links to youtube of the song, and finally lets you listen to 45 seconds of the song and tells you where to buy it if you’re interested. You can also share it with your friends on social network.

There are two versions: a free and another payment, both allow you to use the basic functions. The only difference is the advertising in the free version and other features are as same as paid version.

Download the latest version of SoundHound for Android from playstore.

  • SoundHound is undeniably best Music app that can recognize any music of any genre in seconds and interesting part is that It is easily compatible with all Android versions.
    Lots of Appreciations for YOU… Thanks.

  • alex