Snapshot Text Editor Android App to add Text to Pictures


With Snapshot Text Editor Android app you can easily add text-art and various effects on images.

Snapshot Text Editor for Android is a photo editing app for your smartphones that, comes with dozens of effects, borders and all sorts of cute objects for you, allows you to convert images in many ways. Brings you the option to decorate your photos and post them on different social networks like Facebook or Instagram – directly from the program. Come on and make your pictures more vivid with this Android App to add Text to Pictures!

Snapshot Text Editor android app to add text to pictures

Do you want to add text or give some effects to your photos? Then you should try Snapshot Text Editor Photography android app, a perfect photo editing app for you. To edit an image you can load it on the app in three ways. You can load image from Gallery, capture instantly with your device’s camera and thirdly you can grab it from Facebook. After getting the image, all resources are displayed in the bottom of the display, such as crop, frames, text, patches and effects. After that select an option, what you want to do with your beautiful photo, extra commands are loaded at the top of the display to help you complete the actions as “OK” and “Cancel”. After completed editing your photo, just click on “Wallpaper” to save it as wallpaper or “Save” to save it to the gallery system default. You can then easily share them on social networking sites – directly from the program.

If you are looking for a powerful software to do professional editing, then this app is not for you. But if you want to add some effects, or an Android App to add Text to Pictures on your phone or tablet in a fun way, this application is perfect for you. The interface styled a bit on the toolbox painting. Snapshot Text Editor Android app is free to download.

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    got warning…Intrusive Adware!!! Uninstalled! Let find one that’s good!