SMS Popup Android App Download. Quick Read, Reply, and Delete similar to iPhone

Android smartphone does well with the default Notification Bar. When you get a new SMS on your Android smartphone you receive several notifications, depending on how it can be configured an alert sound or vibration, in addition to the notification that appears at the top of the screen. That is simply the best way to get inform that you have a new SMS to read. But sometimes you may miss to have an option like iPhone for quickly reading SMS and replay or simply delete. Well here is an excellent app called SMS Popup Android is pretty smart for that.  SMS Popup for Android is an application that helps you to read and respond faster SMS on your Android powered devices. Surely the app will help you save some valuable time.

SMS Popup app for Android

SMS PopUP Android app is a convenient way to view text messages you receive on your Android, allowing you to preview incoming SMS on your Android and reply, forward them quickly in single click without switching away. The app add the function of a popup that lets you see the message that came from the home screen without unlocking the phone (best iPhone style), and right there (in the popup) will have the option to answer or even delete the SMS. Whenever you get an SMS, SMS PopUP will show a window with information about who sent you the message and its content, so you access the information quickly. You can also call the SMS sender right from the popup screen itself! You can configure SMS PopUP your way to show you whether or not the contact’s photo, customize ringtones that sound for each contact, whether for texting or calls, and more.

How to use SMS Popup Android:
SMS Popup does mark message as “read” – if the notification tray icon does not disappear, make sure you disable the system messaging app notifications and use SMS Popup’s notifications instead. Please see FAQ for more information.

Download SMS Popup Android App v1.1.0
SMS Popup Android apk

SMS Popup is a Free Android App. Download SMS Popup from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.
Or, simply follow the link below to download the latest version of the app SMS Popup for Android direct from Play Store: