SMS Notification Popup for Android, Read Text Messages from Anywhere


Download SMS Notification Popup Android app which lets you read Text Messages while on any other app without leaving.

Most of us like to be informed quickly for incoming calls or text messages. Specially, SMS need to read right away. It has become a habit to install apps to make it easier to communicate with friends and family. Here is one simple app you might enjoy using.


Most of US  receive call or text message while playing a game or using other app on Android smartphones and sure it annoyed us to leave the game or app to read the SMS. It is kind of inconvenient to have to quit what you are doing just to read the text message as some apps don’t support multitasking. Fortunately there are solutions and one of these called SMS Notification Popup. It not only works great but also provided absolutely free of charge and without ads.

Upon first starting SMS Notification Popup you will be greeted by a menu to set the way how notification should appear. You can have it placed top side, in the middle or at the bottom of the screen. You can also set it to show the contact image, text message or both for easy reading. There are also options for duration of notification. Once activated, the app will provide a transparent popup showing the text message from any app. The app does not mark the message as read and it is highly useful when you are viewing a movie, playing a game or working with your device and when you don’t have access to the notification bar.


PROS OF SMS Notification Popup for Android:

+ Works the way it should

+ Few easy to understand settings

+ Transparent popup window

Cons of SMS Notification Popup for Andorid:

– Should have option to replay

Download SMS Notification Popup Android App for free by hitting the widget below.