SMS Commander Android Apk Download – Find lost Phone

Remotely control your Android Smartphone with SMS Commender.

SMS Commander can be very handy in some situation as it allows to control your Android phone via text message. Imagine you have lost your phone somewhere around the house then looking for it. You keep calling but can’t hear any ringer sound because of active silent mode. What you will do rather than scratching head? That’s the time when SMS Commander can rescue you.

control your Android Smartphone with SMS Commender

SMS Commander have some special features. If your phone is in silent mode and you lost it or can’t find it, SMS Commander will help you to find it out. Using a secret password and command, you can find out your device. As soon as you send the sms command, it will tell the phone to set the volume to full loudness. But there is more, see the full list of SMS Commandeer features.

SMS Commander allows you to remotely control your android phone and complete the following tasks.
- Find your silenced phone
- Lock your phone remotely with SMS
- Get missed calls automatically
- Get a GMap of your phone’s location
- Get Battery Percentage
- Forwarding of text messages and More!
The key factor of this application is Google Map or GMap. You get the facility of  google map by using this app. Get missed call automatically is the another interesting feature of this app.Now, you can lock your phone by using SMS Commander. It is really helpful to users.
Want to know the battery percentage? SMS Commander helps you to find out the percentage of your battery.
SMS Commander was developed for Android by Seize Command
Package Name: SMS Commander.apk
SMS Commander for Android is a paid app, the appk above were found on online. If you think the app is helpful, you may consider to buy it play store.
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