Smart Launcher Will Greatly Improve App launcher Experience on Android

Smart Launcher for Android will let you access application in quick manner with beautiful interface.

Developer GinLemon has brought some very useful and entertaining apps for Android in the past, like Drum Loops - musical accompaniment for Android or some very nice ADW themes, including Faenza. However, by far his most popular app is Smart Launcher, a unique way to interact with your Android device.

Smart Launcher Android app

When first launching the app, if you have more than one app to open a specific function (e.g. for images – QuickPic or Gallery), it will ask you which you want to choose as the default. Another thing that you will find very useful is clicking the time will automatically activated the clock function in full screen. The bottom left icon with the six points leads to the apps installed independently and classified into five sections. In case of errors in the automatic cataloging system, you can easily move an app to your desired position (within the six sections on the left).

The application offers backgrounds with a specific item or color selections of six different types. Also you will be able to change the icons, through the use of sets of icons for Launcher Pro and ADW Launcher. The launcher is capable of handling Live Wallpaper and screens of different sizes. Unfortunately, only the PRO version gets widget support. Smart Launcher is both fast and lightweight, using very few resources, even with a bunch of customization options activated. It also borrows some UI elements from Honeycomb and ICS to make the design more appealing.

Pros of Smart Launcher Android App:

+ Intuitive app sorting

+ Fast and lightweight

+ Lots of options to customize

Cons of Smart Launcher for Android:

- Widgets available only in the PRO version

Download Smart Launcher for free by hitting the widget below. Smart Launcher Pro version can also available for purchase on Play Store.


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