Smart Alarm Android App is Smart enough to Adjust your Alarm Schedule


To say the number of alarm related apps on the Store does not suffice is highly untrue. There are a great deal of apps of this kind, each offering as many features as possible, including set-it-and-forget type functions and others. But there is always room for improvement and bringing new features with a new app. Such a new app called Smart Alarm Android app brings some smartness in an Android alarm app.



There is no such thing as the perfect app and it is especially true for the kind that sacrifice the usability to integrate as many features as possible. A simple search on the Store will unveil a great number of apps we don’t care to use, because the developers ultimately forget what is their apps purpose.

Sleep a little longer than usual or don’t be late for work with Smart Alarm Android App ruled by different weather condition.

Smart Alarm aims to be simple and useful at the same time. Its  purpose is to predict your needs and provide its features just when most necessary. It can wake you up at different times according to the weather rules you set up for each individual alarm. In case of rain, snow or any other conditions it will wake you up earlier, so you have time to prepare. The interface is very easy to use, providing the means to quickly set each alarm and customize the rules. It is simply one unique alarm app that is worth having. Other features for it are coming in soon.



Smart Alarm is currently in Beta stage and available to download free. Get it by hitting the widget below.