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SlideScreen is a complete home replacement for Android Mobile Phones which focused on your recent information. Shows summary information for SMS, GMail, Phone calls, Calendar, Google Reader, Stocks, Twitter and Facebook. For details information visit Slide Screen app homepage.

Downlaod SlideScreen Android App          SlideScreen Android app

Recent changes in Slide Screen Android v1.27: Fix for missing stock data.
SlideScreen was developed for Android by Larva Labs Ltd.
Package name : com.larvalabs.slidescreen.apk
File size: 1.4MB

Downlaod SlideScreen Android Home Replacement Apk V1.27
SlideScreen android apk

UPDATE : Lara Labs working on the next version of SlideScreen 2.0 and they just made available the first Public Beta. With the new SlideScreen 2.0 developers will now be able to write plugins using an API and release them on the Android which means we will continuously see new features along with official Plug-ins.

Go ahead download the APKs: SlideScreen 2.0 apk beta 10 and the Google Voice plugin. Bug reports and questions can be filed at their Get Satisfaction page.

SlideScreen is a Free Android App. You can Download SlideScreen from the link above or Simply use Mobile Phone Camera with Barcode reader to Download from Android Market.