Slick UI for Android. A gorgeous Home Replacement App

A Xda member named Caemgen comes up with an excellent idea to develop a gorgeous Home Replacement app for Android which he called Slick UI. As he described about Slick UI “Like other apps, such as LauncherPro or ADW, Slick UI is a Homescreen-replacement Launcher. It will replace your stock homescreen and add in some great new, more functional and aesthetically pleasing features to make the everyday use of your Android-phone”. Slick UI for Android offers a navigation area on the screen, and then presented in a very colorful and accessible all applications.

Slick UI for Android   Slick UI for Android

Android normally have all installed application icons alphabetically but we have no ability to group them by theme or as we want, with Slick UI Android home replacement app that seems to improve a lot and we can access these menus within the application screen.

The Apps folder has provided interesting features, such as organizing by tags – among many others. With this app you can change the system launcher screen and choosing which apps you want to show to be the most used as it can be calls, access to social networks, email or whatever you want. What is more surprising at first glance to Slick UI is a huge central wheel notifications appearing in the latest sms, emails, tweets and Facebook messages. At the top you can see that the wheel also displays time notifications by location and a useful clock. In the bottom has a fully configurable dock if you move up shows the list of applications installed on the device.

In addition you can sort the applications, grouping them by theme, name, use, and customize submenus within the same application screen.

Slick UI for Android will feature interface:
- Innovative app-drawer
- Customizable dock
- Customizable content-wheel (WonderWheel)
Watch below the Slick UI demo video. For better experience watch full-screen in HD

Slick UI for Android is still pretty much a concept.