SiMi Folder Android Widget Download. iPhone style Folder

Simi Folder Widget is a customizable Android widget app that will help you to keep your desk organized. Set your Android apps in a very similar style list scrolls that iOS have.

If you want to give a very different and especially elegant touch to your Android applications like the iOS, you can try SiMi Folder Widget, as the app lets you make a very similar iOS style list scrolls. With the app you can create folders for your desktop and provides many options for you to customize to your liking. Choose the size, the color, the title and the icon of the folder. Simply open the application to add new folders and organize your phone easily with SiMi Folder Android Widget app.

SiMi Folder for Android

Get iPhone style folder for your Android Smartphone and Android Tablet with SiMi Folder Widget app. To create a folder, simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Simply open the app and add a new folder

Step 2: Select a new folder

Step3: Add the apps you like to the folder

Step 4: Choose a widget from 9 different widget layouts, provided by the app, to add your homescreen

Step 5: Select the Folder you want to use

Following the above steps you can easily create folder and customize it. Once you have created the folders you want, you can add them applications, bookmarks (need permission), or contacts, depending on the type of folder you created, and also you must give it a name, choose one of the 10 available icons or any photo of your choice, color background, letter, etc.. There are 3 types of folders you can create within the app. Finally, once you have created all the folders, you can add the Widget with folders on the home, the size you want to enjoy, playing on a menu will be displayed with the app you’ve tucked inside. Also You can now use Shortcuts in SiMi Folder. Direct Call Shortcuts are not possible without this permission !

Download SiMi Folder Android Widget v1.00
SiMi Folder Android Widget apk

SiMi Folder is a Free Android Widget. Download SiMi Folder Android Widget from the link above or Simply use Barcode reader or click Direct Install form Android Phone’s Browser.
Or, simply follow the link below to download the latest version of the app from Play Store: