SIM unlock Galaxy S III easily with this free app : Voodoo Galaxy S III SIM Unlock


How to Sim Unlock Galaxy S IIIBought a brand-new Samsung Galaxy SIII and want to SIM unlock it? Then you arrive in the right place. You may have heard of Supercurio, the developer behind Voodoo Sound. With his apps he managed to drastically improve the audio quality mostly on Samsung devices using the Wolfson Micro audio chip. His apps also managed to improve display quality, also mostly for high end Samsung smartphones. At the moment he is working on improving the audio quality on the new released Galaxy S III but also, he has something else in his bag. Supercurio has managed to develop an app that will SIM unlock your Galaxy S III that you can then use with any service provider.

SIM unlock your Galaxy SIII the easy way with this free app

The app is still in BETA and requires root. It was not tested on the US variants of the Galaxy SIII as they are not available yet but I’m sure he will manage to make it work on those devices. Meanwhile, all you have to do is download the app called Voodoo Galaxy S III SIM Unlock by accesing the link through the widget beneath, install it and hit Unlock!. That is it. Most that have tried it have left a 5 star rating as it is fully working. Enjoy!

  • Jerry Lynch

    Where is the link to the Galaxy S II SIM unlock app?