SheepRun Android Game Download Beta v1.1.0

SheepRun Android Game

RUN! RUN! RUN! Family of sheep in Danger now. They need to quickly run away and use your mind for the rest to overcome various barriers and obstacles to finally get to their house.

SheepRun for Android is fun arcade game that features challenging physics-based and puzzle gameplay. The game is about three sheep’s of a family who are in danger and need to flee quickly and you have to use logic to help the 3 animals that must escape the wolf running behind them. A fierce ram, a sheep and a cute lamb, each with its peculiarities, should unite their skills to overcome the obstacles in each level. Use your mind to overcome several obstacles to finally reach home cradle. SheepRun Android Game is kind of inspired by the game Angry Birds but the developer successful with their new idea and unique theme.

SheepRun Android Game Download   SheepRun Android Game

In this fun logic game your goal is to save your sheep from the evil big bad wolf. For this you need to solve logic puzzles, using the capabilities of the sheep and the properties of the territory. Daddy-sheep hardest and clumsy, mother of bouncy, small sheep light and squeezes through the cracks. By taking advantage of each sheep, you need to get to the end of the screen. The levels will test your brain to the point that you’ll probably get stuck several times on the same level, which is why the creators inserted a little humor to the subject using a sense of humor. The game contains good graphics and sound qualities. Sense of humor and fun graphics combine in SheepRun, a game where patience and logical strategy will be essential to escape the wolf.

SheepRun LITE was developed for Android by FingerFantasy
Package name : com.casual.puzzle.sheeprun.apk
File size: 6.39MB

Download SheepRun Android Game Beta v1.1.0
SheepRun android apk      

SheepRun is a Free Android App. You can Download SheepRun Beta from the link above or Simply use Mobile Phone Camera with Barcode reader to Download from Android Market.