Shark Attack Android Download Game v1.0

In Shark Attack Game Android you are a shark going down the coast, you will leave nothing alive and bring utter case to those around you. This is the pretty dangerous and one of the most popular games for android device. You are just a helpless hanging out on the pier when Shark attacks you. There is no place finding out beside you, there’s only one choice, which is to escape into the water.

- Arrow Keys For Movement
- A to BITE!
Ported from the Original Flash Game.

Download Shark Attack Android Game         Shark Attack Android Game

SPACE —- jump
LEFT/RIGHT —- forword/back
UP —- thorw the bomb

IMPORTANT: !!MUST Have Adobe Flash 10.1 for Android!
!!HIGH End Android Device ONLY!! You can Download Adobe Flash for Android Here

Download Shark Attack Android Game v1.0
Shark Attack android apk         

Shark Attack is a Free Android Game. You can Download Shark Attack from the link above or Simply use Mobile Phone Camera with Barcode reader to Download from Android Market.