Waking up has never been this groovy, especially on a gloomy day when all you ever want is to cuddle to the warmth of your bed. Get-up to the tune of your favourite music with Apalon’s My Alarm Clock Android app!

Music alarrm clock app for android

My alarm clock android app is designed to meet your waking-up needs. Choose from a variety of stylish clock widgets, from Digital to Wordy, to Thinline, Antique or Ultrasonic! Add your choice of music, be it a crowing sound of a Rooster, Sound bite, buzzer or your fav singer’s hippie single. My Alarm Clock, music alarm clock is sure to wake you up with a style!

My Alarm Clock app offers an incredibly genuine design and features and also work as a music alarm clock app. This extraordinary alarm clock will not only wake you up to your favorite music. You can even create your playlist with your favorite songs, shuffle your music and adjust the volume to your preferences.

My Alarm Clock app gives users numerous choices and control to set multiple alarms with different tunes, add reminders/notes to the alarm, and even show live weather forecast and temperature in your area. You can also check weather conditions and temperature in any location you choose; now that’s startlingly impressive.

And if you are half-asleep, eyes half-open and reaching for your smartphone to stop the alarm; you could easily press to snooze or stop. The options are on the either side of the screen so you could hardly make a mistake either to snooze or stop.

My Alarm Clock ($0.66)

My Alarm Clock features

  • Stylish designer clocks. Choose from the app’s variety of stylish clock faces.
  • Striking clock widgets.
  • Weather. Know the latest local conditions and temperature (in Fahrenheit or Celsius unit) in your area and any location of your choice.
  • Brightness Slider. Control the screen brightness so that it doesn’t blind you after a good night’s sleep
  • Built-in flashlight. The feature is only available for devices with built-in flash.
  • Auto-launch. My Alarm Clock app can be launched automatically when device is docked or plugged in
  • The app supports Portrait and landscape modes. My Alarm Clock app works perfectly in any orientations you prefer.
  • Shortcuts on the main screen.

Sleep timer

My Alarm Clock app also has the sleep timer feature. It promotes sleep through its background white noise or your preference of sound and music. You could also set to shuffle the music of your choice. I have tried the sleep timer with the white noise feature, and it hasn’t been a minute since I put in on, and I’m already yawning. Well, we could not set aside the fact that it also depends on the person. If a person is troubled, stressed, sick or distressed, it is expected and presumed that there could be a hard time falling asleep. The white noise relaxes you as it is used to mask or obliterate unwanted sounds.

Location permissions

The app requests for location permissions to deliver accurate weather forecast in your area. However, you may feel uncomfortable with certain apps tracking, storing, or sharing your location info. In this situation, we suggest that you check the app’s policies on data retention, privacy, and sharing infos with third parties. And you should also mind the fact that apps running on the background drain the battery.

My Alarm Clock app. Free vs Paid version

There are two versions of My Alarm Clock app from Apalon. The free version has ads that will constantly be showing on the lower part of your screen; an invitation to review the app and an offer to buy more apps from the developer will appear. This is annoying because it literally pops up in the middle of your screen. Ads on the lower screen seemed acceptable and deemed rightful for the developers to do, but self-promotion ads should be limited when it pops up in the middle of the screen.

The paid version comes with more features available without the ads. Some clock designs are not available with the free version, but you can have it with the paid one. Both versions offer fantastic clock skins. If you like an old-fashioned skin for your clock, you can choose the Antique design. The Wordy skin uses words to tell the time, but I like the Ultrasonic skin. It has the simple yet elegant way to display the time and day. All designs come with the other great features mentioned earlier.

Good addition on future updates

Lists of different soundscapes to add on the Sleep timer feature could be done. For example, the sound of the cricket, rainforest animal sounds, or the relaxing sound of the Ocean waves.

My Alarm Clock ($0.66)


My Alarm Clock app for Android is for users who like a good, attractive design, and a great alternative for the pre-installed app on their devices. Get it now on your device!