Secure individual app on Android with Hexlock and its Many features (Review)


Lock your apps, not your device, with Hexlock!

There’s more than just the app HEXLOCK could do the moment you say the word and the meaning registers in your brain. Let’s face it. Everyone is entitled to a little privacy. Just a little. But that little could mean so much! And if you are like me who choose some things to be aptly organized and exclusive, then HEXLOCK is just right for you.

What you should do:

-Download Hexlock from the Google playstore. Keep in mind which apps you want to secure.
-Create a profile. The default profile is set to Work. But there are more to pick from.
-Create a pin or pattern. Both are easy to set either way you choose.
-Add apps and you are good to go.

Hexlock – App Lock Security (FREE)

What Hexlock do:

HEXLOCK keeps your files– SMS, emails, photos, games even apps like whatsapp, Facebook and more– secure and safe from nosy friends, curious kids, and intruders.

Hexlock: In depth

HEXLOCK is an android app developed by top app developer It tackles privacy issues that most of us encounter everyday. Set passcode and pattern lock screen with the apps you want to secure without locking the whole device. Offering up to six unique profiles, switching between work, home, parental and party profile has never been so easy. With just a touch, you can activate lock profiles when you get connected to a known wifi network. Set HEXLOCK to lock WORK profile when you arrive home. And all your work-related apps will be safe. So don’t panic when your toddler grabs your device and launch the Angry birds or talks with Talking Tom.

Hexlock - App Lock Security for android

Have a nosy friend or an annoying workmate? Not a problem anymore! HEXLOCK’s autolock feature comes to your rescue.
Have all your “grizzly” selfies or photos of you making faces, candid family moments, and apps you share privately tucked in your HOME profile. Be confident when you pass your phone to a co-worker. They can only see what you allow them. After all, HEXLOCK is here to guard your device.

Allowing users to set parental control on which apps and games our curious kids can access, this app could literally mean “heaven sent” for parents who wants to share their device without worrying. Admit it, we have games, apps and even pictures not suitable for young audiences. Sounds like the television program reminder but it’s true. With HEXLOCK parental profile you can be at ease while your kids amuse themselves with your device plus no more accidental in-app purchases.

There was once an issue about a toddler who unknowingly downloaded paid games and thereby putting the parents under a huge amount of debt. That could be prevented with HEXLOCK. So moms and dads out there, this app is definitely a must-have!

Plus points:

– pattern lock could be made invisible.
– easy to switch between apps with Hexlock’s re-lock delay feature.
– choose either to remove ads or no.
– in-app search is allowed
– control settings and your own wifi networks
– Forgotten password? Not a big deal anymore. Hexlock can retrieve the password even with locked settings.
– upgraded version offers less unwelcome notifications

What’s not so good:

I wish Hexlock have had face or voice recognition or thumbprint as an access and security means aside from pin and pattern lock. As for the notifications and ads, sometimes it is just annoying when it pops-up. Although notifications are intended to be a reminder, some finds it intruding and unnecessary. Hexlock should give the users an option whether to be notified or not. That will give them a much better control.

An ad-free and controllable notification Hexlock seems right for me.

Bottom line:

Apps like Hexlock is not at all new in Android world. In fact, there’s a bunch of it swarming the tech world but Hexlock design is superb. Aside from being user-friendly, it also doesn’t slow down your phone. For an app to work hassle-free, with easy navigation, and soft transition, Hexlock won’t make you regret the whole experience.

HEXLOCK’s all-new updated and improved version 1.3.6 requires android 4.0.3 and higher.

Download Hexlock for Android
Hexlock is available at the Google Playstore. And best of all, it’s FREE!