Screen Suite Android Lock Screen Download v1.2.4

Screen Suit Lockscreen for Android is a home screen app with which you can choose the background you want to put on your lock screen, change the slide and also can select some preferences, to make it fun and keep your Android more secure.

Screen Suite Lock Screen

Like the other apps, you can choose what information you wish to have on this screen. Screen Suite Lock Screen allow to Change Android Mobile Phone lock screen with customizable lock screen background, slider style, lockscreen widgets: contact card, clock, and battery indicator. Configure to auto lock on call.

For example, if we want when a call, the screen remains locked, or otherwise not lock the screen during a call. We can choose what we want to show on the lockscreen, between 3 options and can choose them all 3, or just 1, or we want. These are a digital clock, a battery meter and the last and most special is a contact card. namecard In this, we can put a phone number for them to call us if you are mobile (God forbid), along with the name, and email address. It can be useful. On the other hand, we could add another contact, such as emergency number.

The application also has a sub-menu, where we can lock the screen manually, activate the typical flashlight (white screen), make the phone not put at rest, in 2 modes configurable set the unlock pattern in the If activated it, and last, which makes the screen becomes an ambient light changing from bright colors regularly.

Screen Suite is a collection of screen utilities for your Android phone. These utilities consist of:
* iPhone-style lockscreen. Includes a contact card in case your phone is lost or in an emergency. Has several configuration options to include an owner image, change the lock background, or remove/disable lockscreen feature.
* Stay Awake/Keep Screen On feature that prevents your phone from going to sleep. Configure preferences to turn this feature on automatically while running selected apps. Includes battery saver feature that allows phone screen to dim while staying on. Also stops if battery goes low
* Color flashlight for use in dark settings
* Moodlight that rotates through colors in a soothing pattern.  Wonderful for use as a nightlight or on a date
* Open phone display settings button for quick access to phone display settings

Screen Suite Lock Screen was developed for Android by Apps Beyond
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Download Screen Suite Lock Screen for Android v1.2.4
Screen Suite Lock Screen android apk
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