Save money abroad with Roamer international Cheap calls & roaming SIM app (Review)


Stay connected while working abroad or during holiday.

Roamer international calling app lets you make cheap calls, local or international while you’re away from home. And you get to keep your home number as your caller identity.

Travelling for business or pleasure? Having the chance to discover new places, culture, people and a lot more is fun and often a wonderful experience. But roaming charges could ruin your holiday. Not anymore. The Roamer international calling app is here!

Cheap calls & roaming SIM app (FREE)

What is Roamer app:

Roamer is a calling app available for both iOS and Android. The app promises to keep you connected while avoiding expensive roaming and data charges. Prevent the shock of phone bills when you go back to reality. Get the chance to roam like home with Roamer App.

How Roamer works:

Roamer forwards your regular number to a local sim card ensuring that you will pay local charges while calling loved ones back home. Make sure your phone is an open line (wink). With a local sim card inserted on your smartphone, you can make calls over Wi-Fi or cellular networks while keeping your local phone number as your caller identity. Calls on Roamer is charged on a per minute basis, although rates may vary depending on country. Local and internet calls are charged from your local sim card balance. For a frequent traveler, backpackers, students abroad, for anyone who don’t have the funds for expensive roaming bills, Roamer is an economical and reliable way of keeping in touch.

Roamer - Cheap calls & roaming SIM app

Roamer offers roaming credits you can buy. With just a click, you can recharge your credit with $13, $16, $39, and $65. Or top up your account locally. Users are encouraged to buy a local sim card upon arrival to their destination country as Roamer works best with a local sim card than on Wi-Fi.

First things first. Download the Roamer app. It’s free. It will be better to have the app downloaded and installed before you travel. Then Register your phone number. Roamer will send you a code via sms. Enter the code and launch the app. If you are leaving soon, set the date and time of departure. You will receive a push notification when the great day comes. You will then have to set up call forwarding. Follow the instructions and park your number. Voila!

The outbound calls you make using Roamer app actually becomes an incoming call. Most telecommunications market around the world offers free incoming call which is why your call will be charge at a low cost. When you make an outgoing call using the dialer within the app, Roamer routes the call similar to receiving a call. Roamer App is somehow a callback service.

+ The good things with Roamer app:

  • Swift to download. Easy to follow instructions.
  • Fast set up.
  • Quick Menu accessibility.
  • Free voicemail service.
  • Good call quality.
  • Cheap rates. Roamer provides the users with low-cost international calls.
  • Free calls to other Roamer users over internet.
  • Support chat options. If you have any questions, you can directly chat with a Roamer staff. Users are also encouraged to send feed back and suggestions.
  • FAQ corner. In addition to the Support Chat option, Roamer users can find answers to the Frequently asked questions about the app which, in my point of view, is very helpful. It enlightens dummies like me (smiley).
  • Unlike other calling app, Roamer gives the user an advantage to stay connected and updated with the choice to make calls over cellular networks or Wi-Fi connection using the local sim card. Without it, users can place cheap calls using regular phone number when connected to Wi-Fi.
  • No intruding ads. This fact about Roamer is really awesome. Unlike other free apps, Roamer doesn’t bother its users with annoying ads. That’s a plus!
  • Last but not the least, Roamer offers the first call free! Wow!

– Drawback on Roamer app:

  1. Honestly, exploring this app left me in amazement except that it doesn’t allow you to receive SMS on your regular number. Users of Smartphones with Dual sim cards will benefit most from Roamer. They can access their regular phone number to receive SMS while the local sim card will be used for calls and data. This drawback isn’t a big deal due to availability of data-based messaging apps like Viber, Facebook Messenger, BBM, WhatsApp, iMessage and more.
  2. Roamer does not support any emergency calls. Unfortunately, Roamer does not intend to support emergency calls to hospitals, law enforcement agencies, and etc.

SO, should we recommend Roamer app? Of course! Even without the SMS feature, Roamer is still up to par.

Download Roamer (FREE)

Enjoy the privilege of making calls, anytime, anywhere without the extravagant roaming charges. Yes, you can with Roamer app! Download it now!